A L’Attaque! PDF

Jump to navigation Jump to search This A L’Attaque! PDF is about the board game. Each player controls 30 pieces representing individual officer ranks in an army. The International Stratego Federation, the game’s governing body, sponsors an annual Stratego World Championship. The name Stratego was first registered in 1942 in the Netherlands.

The United States trademark was filed in 1958 and registered in 1960 to Jacques Johan Mogendorff and is presently owned by Jumbo Games as successors to Hausemann and Hotte, headquartered in the Netherlands. 2″ rectangular cardboard playing board imprinted with a 10×10 grid of spaces, and instructions printed in English on the under side of the box top. Typically, color is chosen by lot: one player uses red pieces, and the other uses blue pieces. 10 configuration at either end of the board. The ranks are printed on one side only and placed so that the players cannot identify the opponent’s pieces. Players may not place pieces in the lakes or the 12 squares in the center of the board. Each player moves one piece per turn.

2, cannot be entered by either player’s pieces at any time. They are shown as lakes on the battlefield and serve as choke points to make frontal assaults less direct. The game can be won by capturing the opponent’s Flag, or all of his moveable pieces. Note that it is possible to have ranked pieces that are not moveable because they are trapped behind bombs. It is possible for both players to have one mobile piece remaining, and they are of equal rank. If one piece strikes the other, both are removed, leaving no mobile pieces on the board. This may be defined as a draw.

The average game has 381 moves. The number of legal positions is 10115. The number of possible games is 10535. A piece may not move onto a space occupied by a like color piece. Bomb and Flag pieces are not moveable.

When the player wants to attack, they move their piece onto a square occupied by an opposing piece. If the engaging pieces are of equal rank, both are removed. A piece may not move onto a square already occupied unless it attacks. Two pieces have special attack powers. One special piece is the Bomb which only Miners can defuse.