Algérie : Une mémoire enfouie PDF

Arabic harka, standard Arabic haraka حركة, « war party » or « movement », i. 1962 – and to their metropolitan-born descendants. In this sense, the term Harki refers to a social group – a fraction of the French Muslims of Algerian Descent – as distinct from other French of Algerian origin or from Algerians living in France. Paris wanted to avoid their massive resettlement algérie : Une mémoire enfouie PDF France.

Un témoignage bouleversant sur le quotidien de la guerre d’Algérie telle que l’ont vécue tant de combattants anonymes et meurtris.

Early arrivals were interred in remote detainee camps and were victimized by endemic racism. In 2012, 800,000 Harkis, Pied-Noirs and their descendants over the age of 18 lived in France. A World War II Harki veteran, French Algeria, c. With the outbreak of the Algerian War in 1954, the loyalty of the Muslim Algerian soldiers to France inevitably came under heavy strain.