Ana Mendieta : Blood & Fire PDF

Jump to navigation Jump to search City Confidential is a documentary television series where a different city is featured in a high-profile criminal case. Judge Vincent Sherry and his wife Margaret are gunned down in their home. The murder of ana Mendieta : Blood & Fire PDF heiress Helen Vorhees Brach and its connection to the champion racehorse murders.

On a single day in 1985, two separate car bombs kill Mac Christensen and Kathy Sheets. A third victim, Mark Hofmann, is only injured. Hofmann, a respected Mormon, becomes a suspect. A woman’s body is found outside of a Seattle night club. The suspect is an affluent and charismatic man named George Walterfield Russell Jr. A lobsterman discovers a body part in one of his traps.

It belongs to Martha Brailsford, who had been missing for six days. Stan Cohen, a multi-millionaire living in Coconut Grove, is murdered using his own gun. His socialite wife Joyce is suspected of hiring hit men. The murder investigation of Kim Marie Groves unravels corruption in the New Orleans Police Department. Hee Haw actor David « Stringbean » Akeman and his wife are found shot to death in their home.

Her husband’s client is revealed to be his mistress and a suspect. After Larry Volk admits to authorities that his software for American Coin poker machines is rigged, he is murdered. Nancy Lyon dies from arsenic poisoning. Jeffrey and Kathy Willet operate a bordello in their home. However, one of their clients turns out to be a politician who has been campaigning against porn.

The case of Rebecca Jane Middleton shakes up relations between Canada and Bermuda. The investigation of the murder of Grady Stiles, who went by the name « Lobster Boy », leads to a town for a variety of circus folks. Murder is the result when O’Farrell Theatre co-owners and brothers, Jim and Artie Mitchell, quarrel. After Cuban artist, Ana Mendieta, falls to her death, her husband, Carl Andre, becomes a suspect.

Joe Conforte, the owner of the Mustang Ranch brothel, becomes embroiled in scandal. Vogler, the founder of the Alaskan Independence Party, brings a growing list of suspects. The murder of Martha Moxley reveals another scandal for the Kennedy family. After Roberto Villegas is shot and killed by heiress Susan Cummings, investigators must determine if it is self-defense or cold blooded murder. Glen Dale Summerford, a pastor of a snake-handler church, is suspected of attempting to kill his wife Darlene by sticking her hand in a cage full of rattlesnakes.

The body of Victoria Lander Beckam, daughter of state senator James Lander, is found. The prime suspect is her husband, the son of a bishop. When Anne Marie Fahey disappears, a former deputy Attorney General, Thomas Capano, becomes the prime suspect. The investigation into the activities of Atlantic City Mayor Michael J.