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In the United Kingdom and Australia, the song reached number one and number two respectively. When released as the debut single from Back to Bedlam in Canada and the United States, it reached number one on both charts and received widespread airplay. In 2006, the song won an Ivor Novello Award for airplay. Newspapers have claimed that « You’re Beautiful » is about a former girlfriend beautiful Beginning PDF Blunt, Dixie Chassay, casting director for the Harry Potter films, although Blunt refuses to confirm nor deny this.

Le grand jour se fait attendre pour Chloé Mills et Bennett Ryan. Chloé, exaspérée par les préparatifs de dernière minute, est sur le point de dire  » je le veux  » pour enfin pouvoir s’enfuir. Bennett, déjà tellement distrait par le corps de sa promise, lui annonce qu’il ne la touchera plus jusqu’à la nuit de noces. Ce qui ne fait qu’empirer les choses…
Les amants fougueux, toujours entre deux disputes démentielles, réussiront-ils à se passer la bague au doigt ?

The mistimed delivery was left in the final recording, but omitted in radio versions. This is parodied in « Weird Al » Yankovic’s song « You’re Pitiful »: After the initial start, he says « What, was I too early? Should IDo you wanna start over? The music video for « You’re Beautiful » was directed by Brandon Smith. At least one writer’s interpretation is that it shows Blunt taking his own life, perhaps following a Japanese tradition of removing one’s shoes and contents of clothing prior to jumping from a great height. Blunt removes the upper portion of his clothing in a cold, bare, snowy setting and places all of his personal belongings on the ground. While doing this, seagulls circle overhead like buzzards.

The simple power of Blunt’s songwriting is effective at conveying the pain of realizing he will never be with the object of his affections. You’re Beautiful » was ranked number seven in a poll conducted by Rolling Stone magazine to identify the 10 most annoying songs. VH1 ranked it number 95 on its list of the 100 Greatest Songs of the ’00s. You’re Beautiful » is Blunt’s most successful single release to date. It was also his first successful single, and reached number one in ten countries across the world, including the United Kingdom, the United States, Spain, Canada, and the Netherlands. The song peaked within the top five in New Zealand, number four, Australia, number two, France, and Germany.

In November 2005, « You’re Beautiful » was released in North America where it achieved widespread success. 22 weeks following its debut on the BDS Airplay chart. In the United States, it debuted at number 88 before reaching number one 17 weeks later. The single was released on four official physical formats. CD1 includes an exclusive acoustic recording of « Fall at Your Feet », a cover taken from the BBC Radio 1 live lounge sessions. CD2 includes an exclusive acoustic version of « High », plus the video for « You’re Beautiful » and « Making-Of » footage. The 7″ vinyl includes an exclusive acoustic version of « So Long, Jimmy ».