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Hannah Harriet Pedlingham Hill, stage name Lily Harley, was an English actress, singer charlie Chaplin PDF dancer who performed in British music halls from the age of 16. Hannah Chaplin was born on 6 August 1865 at 11 Camden Street in the London district of Walworth. Her father, Charles Frederick Hill, the son of a bricklayer, was a shoemaker who may have been of Irish Protestant descent. At the age of 16, Chaplin left home to improve her fortunes by becoming an actress.

Il fut la première icône du grand écran et demeure, cent ans après son premier film, le visage le plus instantanément reconnaissable de Hollywood. Mais qui était vraiment l’homme à la moustache ? Le metteur en scène constamment à la fois derrière et devant la caméra ? L’individu coupé des réalités et se voyant en Jésus ou, mieux, en Napoléon ? Quelle est la relation entre Chaplin et Charlot ? Peter Ackroyd braque ses projecteurs sur une vie – autant qu’une oeuvre – improbable, depuis d’humiliants débuts dans les music-halls londoniens jusqu’à une célébrité planétaire acquise alors qu’il n’avait que vingt-cinq ans. Et, sur le fond d’une centaine de films qui n’ont cessé depuis de drainer des hordes de spectateurs fascinés à travers le monde, nous entraîne – par les sombres scandales des années 1940 – au final et pathétique exil Suisse. Une biographie magistrale, nourrie de nouvelles et singulières révélations sur un personnage énigmatique entre tous.

Inspired by Lillie Langtry, one of the most successful female performers of the times, she adopted the stage name Lily Harley, performing as an actress and singer in the music halls. South African gold-mining dictrict of Witwatersrand where, according to the psychiatrist Stephen Weissman in his 2008 book Chaplin: A Life, she was forced into prostitution. She married Charles on 22 June 1885 at St John’s Church, Walworth. At the beginning of 1887, Chaplin was back in London, where she first commented on her poor state of health. She appeared with her husband that year in Bath and at music halls in the north of England. Despite her illness, she continued to perform in 1888. Her husband became increasingly popular, yet she did not progress in her career.

In the early 1890s, it appears that Chaplin spent time with her sister Kate, also a music hall artist, known on stage as Kitty Fairdale. It appears the two sisters lived together around 1892. Chaplin wrote a number of successful songs for her, including « My Lady Friend » and, in particular, « The Lady Judge » which proved to be quite a success from 1893 to 1896. Chaplin’s health steadily worsened as she began to suffer from violent headaches. Her condition deteriorated further when her mother was committed to the London County Asylum after alleged signs of madness, perhaps brought about by drink. Unable to perform on the stage, Chaplin supported her two remaining children by dress-making at home. Charlie Chaplin’s biography and other sources report that she was frequently in good spirits, entertaining the children with performances of her earlier stage acts or devising stories herself in the pantomime style.