Colours in the sky PDF

This will be a page colours in the sky PDF with the paint schemes applied to some of the classic X-series Australian Fords. Through the years of the X-series Falcons and Fairmonts, Ford relied on a series of alphanumeric codes to differentiate the colours that they painted their cars. Here is that colour chart for the XA.

And here is the specification and option sheet for an XA. Of the 684 manufactured, 671 were gold, and 13 were not. In this context, F131 is the Ford fleet representation. The Dulux formula for Avis White is 8986. F166, Gallaher Silver, and used them for promotion work.

The eight Gallaher Silver cars together. If you have been doing the maths you will see we have accounted for 9 of the 13 non GT Gold cars. For the record, the other four cars were one of each:. Russet Bronze metallic, which was another non-option paint colour, Z782. Note, he had driving lights fitted to his car. This was the car entered by Bob Jane and Spencer Martin in the 1967 Gallaher 500. This was the car raced by the Geogeghan Brothers at the 1967 race.