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Ex-Mannequins, deux courtes pièces.

– Distribution : deux femmes

– Distribution : deux femmes, deux hommes

« Que deviennent les mannequins vedettes à quarante ans ? » pourrait constituer la question centrale de la première, avec deux élégantes femmes. Futilités ou philosophie ?
Elles sont observées dans l’autre versant de cette analyse par deux hommes devenus riches « par hasard. »
Un quart d’heure ou une vingtaine de minutes pour passer du superficiel aux questions essentielles d’une vie…

Disponible en papier et numérique.

The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency logo. The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency was a reality television series that debuted on Oxygen on June 6, 2006. Janice Dickinson decides to open her own self-titled modeling agency. She works in collaboration with business partner Peter Hamm to handle the affairs of the agency, yet creative differences set them apart. The show begins when Janice holds an open call in her original location, responded by approximately 500 model-wannabes.

After hiring 5 amateur models, the location of the agency moves to a bigger area. Janice finds a partner in Peter Hamm, who causes conflicts between her, himself and the subsequent models that get hired. The increasing popularity of the agency leads Janice to becoming busier. She returns from vacation only to find some models upset at how Peter has been handling their careers.

When the original roster is affected after some models leave, Janice decides to open another open call, and the overwhelming response has Janice confident that her new roster will be fresher than before, causing jealousy between the existing models and the new models. Janice sets history in the modeling world by opening her very own Latin Division as well as her third open casting. Promising models TJ Wilk and Stina Jeffers leave the agency, the former being unsatisfied with Peter Hamm’s work ethics, and the latter having signed to Ford Models. Another open call introduces several new models.