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Ian Rankin presentando una de sus obras. La biografía oficial de Rankin afirma que, antes de ser escritor a tiempo completo, trabajó como recogedor durante la vendimia, porquero, recaudador de impuestos, periodista, secretario y músico punk. Tras graduarse en dicha universidad se mudó a Londres, donde residió cuatro años, y luego a la Francia rural para fleshmarket Close PDF seis, durante los cuales desarrolló su carrera como novelista.

D’où viennent les faux squelettes retrouvés enfouis sous une chape de ciment dans un bar de Fleshmarket Close ? Il faudra plusieurs enquêtes croisées, comme Rankin sait si bien les tisser, pour le savoir. Rebus, à la recherche du meurtrier d’un journaliste kurde immigré, met au jour un sale trafic de sans-papiers, qui débouche sur l’exploitation d’une main-d’oeuvre illégale qu’en d’autres temps on aurait qualifiée d’esclavage. Quant à Siobhan Clarke, sa fidèle partenaire, elle doit élucider le meurtre d’un violeur récemment libéré de prison. Une fois de plus, au lourd passé d’Édimbourg succède un présent honteux. Racisme primaire, mépris total de la dignité humaine et gros enjeux d’argent déclenchent chez Rebus une rage intense, et une forte envie de rééquilibrer à sa façon la balance de la Justice !

En la actualidad vive en Edimburgo, está casado y tiene dos hijos, Jack y Kit. Las novelas de la serie del Inspector Rebus se sitúan principalmente en Edimburgo, por lo que pertenecen al género que se ha denominado Tartan Noir. Rankin ha confirmado que pronto comenzará a trabajar en una serie de cinco o seis números del cómic Hellblazer, aunque también es posible que la historia se publique como novela gráfica independiente. Ian Rankin es un colaborador habitual del programa cultural de BBC Two, Newsnight Review. Además, un documental en tres partes sobre el tema del mal fue emitido por Channel 4 en diciembre de 2002. Rebusworld’, en London Review of Books 22.

LENNARD, John, ‘Ian Rankin’, en Jay Parini, ed. Ian Rankin en la base de datos del ISBN de España. Ian Rankin en RBA Libros, editorial que publica las obras de Rankin en España. Esta página se editó por última vez el 13 nov 2018 a las 16:50. El texto está disponible bajo la Licencia Creative Commons Atribución Compartir Igual 3. This article’s lead section may be too long for the length of the article. Please help by moving some material from it into the body of the article.

For information on the Rebus word and picture puzzle see Rebus. Rebus is a British television detective drama series based on the Inspector Rebus novels by the Scottish author Ian Rankin. The first series is very different in both format and style. Hannah himself has said he felt forced into the role, having been executive producer, when his own choice for the role, Peter Mullan, was rejected by STV. In February 2008, ITV announced that Rebus had been axed, amid reports that Stott had told producers he did not want to continue in the role. ITV indicated that « one-off specials are a possibility for the future.

Rebus investigates when a number of women are killed with the same modus operandi as ‘The Preacher’, a prolific serial killer active in Edinburgh during the 1980s. But is a copycat killer at large, or has ‘The Preacher’ returned to finish what he started? Rebus investigates when an old friend, DI Jack Morton, is shot during an undercover operation at a pharmaceuticals factory which has become a hub for cocaine dealing and gun-running by a well-known mobster and his latest team of upstart thugs. Rebus is forced to juggle two complex cases when an old friend approaches him to trace her son, who has disappeared, and a former colleague is killed in a freak accident, which asks the question – did he kill himself or was he murdered? Rebus is forced to revisit a pact he made with a crime lord who identified who attacked his daughter in a freak hit-and-run, when his own son is murdered by a gang involved in gun running, right-wing extremism and racist white-power fanatics.

A clue left at the scene by the killer leads Rebus to the local museum, and puts him onto the trail of a stalker targeting a university student. Rebus investigates the death of a Kosovan national who is found dead in a seedy Edinburgh slum, but a racist slur left on the victim’s head leads him into contact with a group of local gangland bosses, and it’s not long before a second corpse is discovered. Rebus investigates a mass shooting at a local sports college, which has claimed the lives of two students and a teacher, but when one of the victims turns out to be his cousin’s son, he decides that bending the rules is the best way to get a result. Rebus investigates when the wife of a millionaire philanthropist, who is due to lead a conference on poverty in Africa, is found dead in the river, the morning after he was discovered having sex with a prostitute in a local brothel during a raid by divisional CID. Rebus takes on the case of a man who shoots himself during a meeting with the head of his local bank, but a photograph in his wallet leads him to a chemical plant preparing a pesticide for the third world, and a disgruntled ex-employee with a grudge over a false sexual assault claim.

The First Stone » is the first and only story to be featured throughout the series which is not based upon a full Rebus novel, rather a novella from a collection of short stories. Knots and Crosses » was due to be broadcast on 19 October 2007, but was postponed for reasons unknown. It was eventually broadcast on 7 December 2007. It bears the name of a Rankin book, but does not share the plot. Rebus is forced to attend a training course at police school following a public outburst, with his colleagues unaware that he is actually out to expose two corrupt police officers who have been running a protection racket, and could possibly be linked to the murder of a drug dealer.