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Dur dur d’être une ado ! Ton corps change, tu te sens incomprise. Comment déclarer ses sentiments et comment se comporter quand on est amoureuse ? Que faire si tu te sens attirée par une fille ? Quelle contraception adopter ? Comment rompre sans dégâts ? Que se passe-t-il physiologiquement pendant l’acte sexuel ?

Take Us With You Real-time updates and all local stories you want right in the palm of your hand. This article needs additional citations for verification. Japanese eroge, variants of the classic puzzle game Qix. There are a few key differences with the original game, and the series themselves can be split in two clearly distinct product lines: the older « classic » Gals Panic series, and the later « S » series, having important gameplay differences and being intended for different markets. Each round starts with 3 minutes time remaining, unless affected by a roulette item. If a player continues the existing round, 1 minute is added to the remaining time.

During each round, random items can appear in the field, which can help or hinder the player’s progress. A round begins with the player at the edge of the background. Capturing an area can be done by moving cursor to the edge of the background or edge of an already captured area. There are various blocks appear in each round, which can block the movement of player but not enemies, and also affects the strategies of capturing silhouettes. Blocks disappear when capturing an area with enclosed blocks. At the top of each round is a 20-level meter, where it starts with 11. The meter gauge increases or decreases depending on how background area is captured.

Usually it decreases when capturing area with silhouette, but increases when capturing area without silhouette. The meter decreases by 1 if player does not capture an area for a prolonged period. This game includes 6 stages, with 3 rounds each. Between each round there is a roulette mini-game, where player gets a random item that can help or hinder game play of next round. 3 is the topless girl wearing only underwear. After completing a stage with one credit, sometimes a Challenge Stage option appears after completing at least two stages. In a challenge stage, player can earn extra lives by completing the stage with only one life, competing against the purple man boss, with reduced time limit.

The actual number of lives gained depends on player’s performance. The chosen girl appears in the round one alternate costume. After playing a Challenge Stage, only the non-completed stages are selectable. The round boss shrinks whenever it is stuck in a small area. It can fire web that slows player’s movement, or spawn mini-spiders. It can explode into flames that can kill players attempting to capture background. Lightning can appear around boss that kills player.

When it splits, the boss is replaced by spheres, bars, stars, and halos, with only one of them is the true boss, which reveals itself after a long moment. The impostors enemies self-destruct after a while. It does not attack on its own, except it creates miniature version of itself. UFO: Causes meteors to appear, which destroy non-boss enemies upon contact. Hourglass: Immobilises enemies for a short moment. Hamburger: Increases the meter by 4 levels. Only appears when alternate background is shown.

It switches into skull in regular time interval. It switches into angel in regular time interval. Level up: Increases the metre level by 4 at the beginning of next round. Level down: Decreases the metre level by 2 at the beginning of next round. Time: Adds 30 seconds at the beginning of next round.