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Preslia journal PDF a peer-reviewed scientific journal publishing original research papers on plant systematics, morphology, phytogeography, ecology and vegetation science, with a geographical focus on central Europe. Atrocities Documented, Accountability Needed: Finding Justice for the Rohingya through the ICC and Independent Mechanism, By Paul R.

Introduction In late August and early September 2017, the Myanmar military launched a large-scale, coordinated attack against the Rohingya population of Myanmar in the Rakhine, Kachin, and Shan states. The Rohingya and the Crime Against Humanity of Persecution: A Blessing in Disguise for Gender Justice? The Harvard Human Rights Journal is starting a new community-based blog here on HarvardHRJ. TRANSITIONAL JUSTICE IN CONTEXT Online Symposium, 2017 Truth, reconciliation, accountability, and reparation are generally identified as the core components of transitional justice. By Josh Pemberton   In 2015, a three year-old Syrian refugee named Alan Kurdi drowned after the boat carrying him and his family from Turkey to the Greek island of Kos sank.

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