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Most famous for his novel sequence, the Voyages Extraordinaires, Verne also wrote assorted short stories, plays, miscellaneous novels, essays, jules Verne PDF poetry. Unless otherwise referenced, the information presented here is derived from the research of Volker Dehs, Jean-Michel Margot, Zvi Har’El, and William Butcher. Three publication dates for each book are given because, in the system developed by Pierre-Jules Hetzel for the Voyages Extraordinaires, each of Verne’s novels was published successively in several different formats. This resulted in several distinct editions of each texts, as follows.

Similar versions in the slightly larger 12mo size, with illustrations taken from the serialization, are also considered éditions originales. These deluxe editions, designed for Christmas and New Year’s markets, include most or all of the illustrations from the serializations. The posthumously published volumes in the Voyages Extraordinaires were extensively altered and in some cases entirely written by Verne’s son Michel. Unless otherwise referenced, information in the following bulleted list is adapted from Harpold 2006, 2. The Science is Fiction: Jules Verne, Raymond Roussel, and Surrealism », in Smyth, Edmund J. Jules Gabriel Verne werd geboren als oudste van de vijf kinderen van Pierre Verne, een Parijse advocaat uit een geslacht van juristen, en Sophie Allotte de la Fuÿe.

Zijn geboortehuis stond aan een oude kade langs de Loire. Ile de Feydeau, in de Loire. Vader zag graag zijn zoon hem opvolgen, maar Jules hart trok naar de zee. Zeeman was een veel voorkomend beroep aan moeders kant.