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Trackback: trackback from your own site. Are there still those who doubt that austerity is driven by ideology that is inescapably anti-social in nature? Time for some L’Abominable Charles Christopher T02 PDF Accounting and some gender-aware social economics and stuff?

Retrouvez l’attachant Charles Christopher dans la suite de ses aventures ! En plus des multiples habitants de la Forêt des Cèdres, vous ferez la connaissance d’un tout nouveau personnage, Gilgamesh, qui affrontera Charles dans un combat à l’issue plutôt surprenante.

Public sector accounting, accountability and austerity: More than balancing the books? The era of austerity that has followed the outbreak of the global financial crisis has posed a myriad of challenges for public services, with demands for major cuts in government spending, the delivery of balanced budgets and strategies for deficit reduction. The purpose of this paper is to consider how public sector accounting and accountability systems are implicated in the development and implementation of austerity policies. Interdisciplinary literature review, coupled with an illustrative discussion of the changing nature of public sector accounting practices under austerity. Despite the significance and scale of austerity, public sector accounting research on the topic is in its infancy, with the prominent focus being on how accounting technologies are used to manage austerity. There have been few attempts to debate critically the construction of austerity and to provide alternative accounts of austerity. As an academic community, we need to be developing understanding of public sector accounting research under austerity across different organizational levels and contexts.

Also, we should be framing the accounts of austerity in ways that respect and build on a sound understanding of the extensive available interdisciplinary research on this topic. Key research questions to address include: how is accounting shaping constructions of, and impressions, attitudes and behaviors toward, austerity and the status of governments and public service organizations? What do such patterns of development mean for the roles and contributions of public sector accountants under austerity? Accountings of austerity in the field of public sector accounting research have been worryingly limited. This paper and the papers in this special issue of AAAJ address such failings, revealing a range of critical implications and challenges of austerity policies for public sector accounting research. C’mon Scotland, we’ve got better destination options available to us rather than letting this current clown continue holding the wheel. The past two years condensed into 40 seconds.

We really don’t want to hang around and get caught up in the end result. One for Conservative MP Dominic Grieve, who appears to be a democrat who respects the voluntary nature of the yoonyawn. Come on Scottish Conservatives, show the world you’re not blood-and-soil, English nationalist, Tories and give British nationalism the cold shoulder. For the moment we could keep the parliamentary union with England and Wales but be separate along with Northern Ireland with an Economic Union? I appreciate the Scottish public had to be shown that Westminster does not deal with Scotland in good faith, but it is ethically immoral to attempt to change their political culture. That’s exactly what British nationalism does to us and we don’t like it.