L’affaire Jean Moulin : La contre-enquête PDF

Resistance in France l’affaire Jean Moulin : La contre-enquête PDF World War II. This section needs additional citations for verification. Antoine-Émile Moulin and Blanche Élisabeth Pègue.

He was the grandson of an insurgent of 1851. Antoine-Émile Moulin was a lay teacher at the Université Populaire and a Freemason at the lodge Action Sociale. In 1917, he enrolled at the Faculty of Law of Montpellier, where he was not a brilliant student. However, thanks to the influence of his father, he was appointed attaché to the cabinet of the prefect of Herault under the presidency of Raymond Poincaré. After an accelerated training, he arrived in the Vosges at Charmes on September 20 and was preparing to go to the front lines when the armistice was proclaimed. After World War I, Moulin resumed his studies and obtained a law degree in 1921.

After being rejected by Jeanette Auran, Moulin, aged 27, married a professional singer, Marguerite Cerruti, 19, in the town of Betton-Bettonet in September 1926. Moulin was appointed sous-préfet of Châteaulin, Brittany in 1930, but also drew political cartoons for the newspaper Le Rire on the side under the pseudonym Romanin. In 1932, Pierre Cot, a Radical Socialist politician, named Moulin his second in command or chef adjoint when he was serving as Foreign Minister under Paul Doumer’s presidency. Dugoujon’s house, where Moulin was arrested.

The house has been restored since this picture was taken. Tribute to Jean Moulin in the Imperial train station of Metz, in which he is believed to have died. In 1939, Moulin was appointed préfet of the Eure-et-Loir département. Vichy regime of Marshal Petain November 2, 1940 along with all other left-wing préfets. The Germans arrested him on 17 June 1940 after his extreme left-wing views led them to suspect him of being a communist.

After interrogation, Moulin attempted suicide by cutting his throat with a piece of broken glass. This left him with a scar he would often hide with a scarf—the image of Jean Moulin remembered today. He was discovered by a guard and taken to hospital for treatment. On 3 November 1940, the Vichy government ordered all préfets to dismiss left-wing elected mayors of towns and villages.