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AXIS M2025-LE Network Camera is a small bullet camera that offers Axis excellence at a le Port PDF affordable price. Affordable Axis excellence With its built-in IR LED and HDTV 1080p image quality, AXIS M2025-LE delivers high-resolution surveillance even in the dark. In addition, Axis Zipstream technology also significantly reduces storage and bandwidth, while ensuring that important details are captured in full image quality.

It comes with an integrated sunscreen for protection against sun and rain. A spacious, sealed back box, protects the cable and makes service fast and easy. The camera is easy to handle, and its wide field of view ensures coverage wherever you choose to place it: outdoors or in, on walls, ceilings, poles, or in corners. Or use the optional recessed wall or ceiling mount for extra-discreet surveillance. Need help with what you need? 2″ ACI interface to enable use of ACI adapters. There is an integrated female tripod thread for use of standard camera stands or holders.

AXIS T94B02D Pendant Kit Pendant kit to enable use of Axis mounting products featuring a 1. 4″ pipes can also be used, but then a nut for the pipe thread is required. AXIS T91B51 Ceiling Mount Ceiling mount with swivel action for low-ceilinged environments. AXIS Weathershield Kit N Adjustable weathershield resistant to sun and rain. AXIS T90D25 W-LED Illuminator High-performance illuminator with ease of installation. AXIS T90D30 PoE IR-LED Illuminator High-performance PoE illuminator with ease of installation.

AXIS T8125 AC 24 V Midspan 60 W 1-port 24 V AC High PoE midspan, 60 W. The midspan can be installed on a wall, shelf or DIN rail with an accessory DIN clip. AXIS T8120 Midspan 15 W 1-port Single port PoE midspan, IEEE 802. AXIS PoE Midspan 16 port IEEE 802.