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Marcel Desailly was born as Odenke Abbey on 7 September 1968 in Accra, Ghana, the son of Ghanaian parents. Lilian Thuram, 8 juillet 1998 PDF family relocated to France when Desailly was four years old.

 » Souvent, je me demande ce que serait devenu Lico, le petit garçon d’Anse Bertrand, si sa maman n’avait pas eu un jour le courage de déraciner sa tribu – « comme le dit si bien une cousine » – pour l’emmener en France. Que serait devenu l’adolescent, surnommé « jambes d’allumette », s’il n’avait pas reçu une éducation antillaise mêlant le respect pour sa mère et son frère aîné à la peur de leurs réprimandes ? Aurait-il rejoint une bande de son âge pour exister ? Que serait devenu le jeune joueur de l’AS Monaco, si des examens cardiaques approfondis, qu’il a effectivement dû passer, avaient décelé une malformation héréditaire ? Que serait devenu l’arrière droit de l’équipe de France si celle-ci avait perdu 1 à 0 la demi-finale France-Croatie du Mondial 1998 ? Lorsque je prends mon maillot de club ou celui de l’équipe de France et que je lis « Thuram » au dos, j’ai l’impression que c’est une blague : il est impossible que l’enfant d’Anse Bertrand et des Fougères soit devenu footballeur professionnel. Je suis entre le rire et les larmes. Aussi longtemps que l’image de ce petit garçon m’habitera, je crois sincèrement qu’elle me donnera la force d’avancer : elle me rappelle que l’existence n’est qu’un jeu où vous êtes simplement un acteur de passage.

He picked up one major trophy in his six seasons with Chelsea, being on the winning side in their FA Cup triumph over Aston Villa in 2000. Desailly was snapped up by Qatari outfit Al-Gharafa in 2004. He was appointed as the club captain and under the French coach Bruno Metsu they won the Qatar League in 2005. In 2014, Desailly had met the Football Association of Malaysia and said he was ready and willing to coach the Malaysia national football team. He also pointed that it is now up to the football association whether to hire him or not. Desailly has often said that he feels totally French and while having ties with Ghana, never even considered playing for a country other than France.

This stance was restated in his autobiography, published in 2002. He made his international debut in 1993, but was not established as a first choice defender until 1996. He was an important part of the French team which won the 1998 FIFA World Cup, albeit being sent off in the final match. Like other team members, he was appointed a Chevalier of the Légion d’honneur in 1998. Two years later success continued, as France won Euro 2000. After the tournament, Desailly was made captain of the national team, following the retirement of Didier Deschamps. In April 2003, Desailly surpassed the record for the number of appearances for the French team, a number which eventually reached 116 when he announced his retirement from international football following 2004 UEFA European Football Championship.

Nicknamed « The Rock », due to his consistency, strength, and hard-tackling playing style, Desailly is considered one of the most accomplished players of his generation, and one of the finest French defenders ever, who stood out for his charismatic leadership and ability to organise his team’s back-line and break down opposition plays throughout his career. Marcel Desailly is currently residing in Ghana. Desailly on stage at the launch of 1GOAL Education for All in 2009. Desailly’s autobiography, Capitaine, was published in France by Stock in 2002. He worked for BBC Sport in the United Kingdom during the 2006 World Cup, as one of their Match of the Day analysts.