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One of CARB’s responsibilities is to define vehicle emissions standards. CARB’s governing board is made up of 14 members, soon to be 16 with 2 members being non-voting. San Joaquin Valley APCD, currently Alexander Sherriffs, M. The governor’s three remaining appointees are members of the public, including an expert in air pollution control or one of the fields mentioned above. The two legislature-appointed board members work directly with communities affected by air pollution. They are currently Diane Takvorian and Dean Florez, appointed by the Assembly and Senate respectively.

The division assesses the extent of California’s air quality problems and the progress being made to abate them, coordinates statewide development of clean air plans and maintains databases pertinent to air quality and emissions. The division’s technical support work provides a basis for clean air plans and CARB’s regulatory programs. The other two sections are the Regional Air Quality Modeling Section and the Meteorology Section. The air quality and atmospheric pollution dispersion models routinely used by this Section include a number of the models recommended by the U. Currently maintained by the TRC Solution Company under contract to the U. Developed by CARB and currently maintained by CARB. The California Air Resources Board is charged with implementing California’s comprehensive suite of policies to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.