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L’étrange histoire d’amour d’un saxophoniste et d’une jeune actrice qui joue Lulu.Le scénario du film de Paul Auster présenté au festival de Cannes 98 dans la sélection ‘un certain regard’.

Izzy survives the seven-hour operation, but loses his left lung, ending his music career. Chez Pierre restaurant in New York City where she works as a waitress. Following his recovery, Izzy stays to himself and avoids his friends. Gradually he ventures outside and adapts to his new life.

That night, as he lay awake in bed, the stone emits a strange blue light and elevates above the nightstand. The next morning he calls the number written on a napkin he found in the bag and Celia picks up the phone just as she’s listening to Izzy’s CD. He asks to meet, and she invites him over. He turns out the lights and shows her the rock’s mysterious blue light. Celia is up for a part in Catherine’s film, Pandorah’s Box, and with Izzy’s help and connections, she gets the part of Lulu.

Izzy plans to meet Celia in Dublin, where the film is being shot. Shortly after she leaves, Izzy is attacked by men in his apartment demanding to know why he killed Stanley Mar. He is taken away and held prisoner. Meanwhile, Celia is unable to reach Izzy and she suspects that something is very wrong. She fears that Izzy has abandoned her.

One night she takes out the rock and the blue light appears, but now it only produces in her an overwhelming sadness. Distressed, Lulu takes the rock and walks to Ha’penny Bridge, where she drops the stone into the dark river below. Back in New York, Izzy finally manages to escape his prison. He learns from the producer of Celia’s disappearance and nearly collapses. The producer gives him a videotape of some of Celia’s scenes. Later at a jazz club, he asks his friends, « Am I a good person or a bad person?