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Extrait :
Je suis commissionnaire en cafés, et je demeure, Canal des Lauriers, n°. 37.
Il n’est pas dans mes habitudes d’écrire des romans ou autres choses de la même farine. J’ai donc longuement
réfléchi, avant de me résoudre à commander deux rames de papier de plus qu’à l’ordinaire, et à commencer
l’ouvrage que vous avez en mains, cher lecteur.
Cet ouvrage, il vous faudra le lire, que vous soyez commissionnaire en cafés, vous-même, ou n’importe quoi.

This article needs additional citations for verification. As of 2011, 827 producer organizations in 58 developing countries were FLOCert Fairtrade certified. FLO also oversees national organizations in South Africa, the Czech Republic and Korea. FLO International develops and reviews Fairtrade Standards and assists producers in gaining and maintaining certification and in capitalizing on market opportunities on the Fairtrade market.

To ensure the transparency of the system, the standards are developed and reviewed by the FLO Standards and Policy Committee, in which FLO members, producer organizations, traders and external experts participate. FLOCert ensures that producers and traders comply with the FLO Fairtrade Standards and that producers invest the benefits received through Fairtrade in their development. Given the development focus of fair trade, related standards contain minimum requirements that all producer organisations must meet to become certified as well as progress requirements in which producers must demonstrate improvements over time. There are two types of fair trade standards for disadvantaged producers: standards for small farmers’ organizations and for hired labor situations. Small farmers’ organization standards include requirements for democratic decision making, ensuring that producers have a say in how the fair trade premiums are invested, etc. They also include requirements for capacity building and economic strengthening of the organization.

Hired labour situation standards seek to ensure that employees receive decent wages and may join unions and bargain collectively. For some products, such as coffee, only fair trade standards for small farmers’ organizations are applicable. For others, such as tea, both small farmers’ organizations and plantations can be certified. The FAIRTRADE Mark is an international independent consumer Mark which appears on products as a guarantee that producers and traders have met fair trade standards. The FAIRTRADE Mark is owned and protected by FLO, on behalf of its 25 member and associate member labeling initiatives and producer networks.