Occupiers dont have time to export their “Cargo 200” from Ukraine


In a telephone conversation intercepted by the Security Service of Ukraine, Russians talked about the funeral of a soldier they both knew, and said that “Cargo 200” [the military code for dead soldiers] is lying in the open for several days because the Russian army does not have time to take the corpses away.

Source: press service of the Security Service of Ukraine

Quote: “They’re lying in piles. Not in refrigerators or anything. They’re just lying outside, [piled up] like boards. The smell… it’s insane.”

Details: The two servicemen discuss the funeral of a soldier they know whose name is Igor. One of them says he will be buried in a closed coffin, and that his wife was not allowed to see the body and say goodbye.

Representatives of the Russian Ministry of Defence assured Igor’s relatives that his face and hands survived, but they did not admit the cause of his death.

One of the soldiers says that the Russian military command does not have time to remove “Cargo 200” from the battlefield in Ukraine, so the corpses of Russian servicemen lie in the open air for several days, decomposing and causing an unbearable smell.


  • On 11 June, the Chief Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine published an audio recording of an intercepted telephone conversation between a Russian serviceman and his mother. He admits that he is planning to become a deserter, because Russian soldiers do not return from Ukraine alive.

Earlier, on 10 May, the Security Service of Ukraine had published a similar intercepted phone call in which occupiers described a dump of corpses of their fellow soldiers which is “the height of a man”.