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Journaliste tout terrain, Jean Cormier a prolongé sur le Tour de France et ailleurs l’état d’esprit d’Antoine Blondin, Pierre Chany ou encore Roger Bastide. 75 ans, l’amoureux du sport et par ailleurs biographe de Che R03 ILE-DE-FRANCE 2014 1/250.000 PDF nous a quittés hier, laissant à beaucoup le souvenir d’un compagnon de route hors-normes.

In 2008, a previous INSEE census estimated that 5. 3 million foreign-born immigrants and 6. France representing a total of 11. Among the 802,000 newborns in metropolitan France in 2010, 27. You can help by adding to it.

France’s population dynamics began to change in the middle of the 19th century, as France joined the Industrial Revolution. Right after the Second World War, immigration to France significantly increased. During the period of reconstruction, France lacked labor, and as a result, the French government was eager to recruit immigrants coming from all over Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia. This period also saw a significant wave of immigrants from Algeria.