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Empress Matilda and Geoffrey Plantagenet, Count of Anjou. William Fitzempress also known as William of Anjou, was born in 1136, the third and youngest son of Count Geoffrey V of Anjou and his wife, Empress Matilda, the daughter of the late English King Henry Beauclerc. In 1151, Count Geoffrey died suddenly at age 38, leaving his wife and three teenage sons, with Henry becoming the new head of the Angevin Dynasty. According to the deceased Counts will, Anjou would go to Henry till he became King of England, upon which the second brother, Geoffrey, Count of Nantes, would revue Nobiliaire, Heraldique Et Biographique…… PDF Anjou.

In 1156, aged 20, William was with his brother Henry at the siege of Chinon. This siege was occasioned by the rebellion of their brother Geoffrey. In September 1155, King Henry held a council at Winchester where he enthusiastically considered invading Ireland and giving it to William, making him king. The plans were abandoned when their mother, Empress Matilda, objected: she did not consider Ireland worth conquering.

In 1162 William was to marry Isabel de Warenne, Countess of Surrey, one of the great heiresses in England. William died suddenly shortly thereafter, it was said of a broken heart, and was buried in the Cathedral of Notre-Dame in Rouen. His brother Henry blamed Becket for William’s death, and this might well have been the beginning of the great conflict between them. According to some French genealogies, William was married to Constance of Penthièvre, a sister of the Duke of Brittany Conan IV. Several theories about the identity of the founder of the House of Tournemine exist but most of them are contradicted by historical facts. 1460: From Hugh Capet to Joan of Arc. The Chronicles of Robert de Monte.