Sins of the city PDF

American documentary television series on Investigation Discovery that debuted February 17, 2011. Vince Marinello was a sportscaster in New Orleans, Louisiana who got caught for the 2006 shooting death of his third wife, Mary Elizabeth. Beth Lochtefeld is found murdered in 2004 in her Nantucket, Massachusetts home, and police tie the crime to her ex-boyfriend, Sins of the city PDF Toolan.

The 2001 disappearance of Vol « Bubba » Dooley, III, of Shreveport, the son of former Bossier Parish Sheriff Vol Dooley, is linked to his estranged wife Jocelyn. While investigating the murder of Girly Chew Hossencofft in 1999, Albuquerque, New Mexico police make shocking discoveries. Kathy Denson was a prominent furrier in Aspen, Colorado who was accused of shooting her ex-boyfriend, Cody Boyd, to death in 2002. United States Air Force captain Marty Theer is gunned down by his wife’s lover outside of his wife’s Fayetteville, North Carolina office in 2000. When Tampa, Florida bartender Sandra Rozzo is murdered in her garage in 2003, police suspect her ex-boyfriend, but he points to his wife. Cleveland, Ohio doctor Yazeed Essa poisons his wife Rose Marie with cyanide in 2005 and then tries to pass her death off as a car crash.

A botanist in Key West, Florida is found murdered in his home in 2006, and police uncover evidence of an alternative lifestyle in their investigation. Julie Bullard’s Newry, Maine bed and breakfast becomes a massacre site when the bodies of four people are found behind the inn in 2006. A Memorial Day vacation in Ocean City, Maryland turns deadly for Geney Crutchley and Josh Ford when they meet Erika and Benjamin Sifrit in 2002. Chicago, Illinois resident Becky Klein suddenly disappears in 2007, and police investigate the woman’s lesbian lover, Nicole Abusharif.