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French naturalist, entomologist, and author known for the lively style of his popular books on the lives of insects. Fabre was born on 22 Souvenirs Entomologiques PDF 1823 in Saint-Léons in Aveyron, France. Fabre was largely an autodidact, owing to the poverty of his family.

« Souvenirs entomologiques » par Jean-Henri Fabre. Jean-Henri Fabre était un homme de sciences, un humaniste, un naturaliste, un entomologiste éminent (1823-1915).

Fabre was a popular teacher, physicist, chemist and botanist. However, he is probably best known for his findings in the field of entomology, the study of insects, and is considered by many to be the father of modern entomology. Others again have reproached me with my style, which has not the solemnity, nay, better, the dryness of the schools. They fear lest a page that is read without fatigue should not always be the expression of the truth. Were I to take their word for it, we are profound only on condition of being obscure. His Souvenirs Entomologiques is a series of texts on insects and arachnids. Fabre, however, was a Christian who remained sceptical about Darwin’s theory of evolution, as he always held back from all theories and systems.

In one of Fabre’s most famous experiments, he arranged pine processionary caterpillars to form a continuous loop around the edge of a pot. As each caterpillar instinctively followed the silken trail of the caterpillars in front of it, the group moved around in a circle for seven days. He died on 11 October 1915. In the English speaking world, he became known through the extensive translations of his work by Alexander Teixeira de Mattos, carried out from 1912 to 1922. Le livre d’histoires, récits scientifiques de l’oncle Paul à ses neveux. Selections from Alexander Teixeira de Mattos’ translation of Fabre’s Souvenirs entomologiques, retold for young people.