Standard Marine Navigational Vocabulary: 1987 PDF

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As might be expected they had some adventures. They encountered a Chinese ambassador to a western country on vacation living in silk tents. This is a thoroughly fascinating read. Alberta Press, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6G-2E1, 2011 –       isbn 978-0-88864-547-0 – some maps.

Epilog brings events up to year 2010 – Bibliography p. Chile stopping at Puerto Eden and eventually the Island of Chiloe and Puerto Mott. The first 46 pages establish the setting 25 years before this voyage when Nicholas and Jenny married and moved to Argentina to teach at and English school for several years, hiking and adventuring on their time off. What is mentioned but not detailed is their sailing trip around the world some 20 years before. The main voyage took place in 2005-2006. The information one gathers from this book is more current than most cruising books I have read. Especially for that this is a very interesting book.