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The Love-Ins is a 1967 exploitation film about LSD that was directed by Arthur Dreifuss. The film is loosely based on the 1960s American figure Timothy Leary and represents superman, tome 5 : 1944-1945 PDF 1960s San Francisco scene, particularly the Haight-Ashbury district.

Patricia Cross and her boyfriend Larry Osborne, two students in a San Francisco school, become expelled for the publication of an off-campus underground paper. As a result, a philosophy professor, Dr. One scheming young man sees the opportunity to build Dr. Barnett as the head of a cult centered on the use of LSD. He hopes to earn profit from the users, Dr.

Barnett’s speeches known as « happenings, » and their lifestyles. At a massive LSD-fueled dance, Patricia begins to have a bad trip which leads to an argument between her and Larry, ultimately splitting up the couple. After Patricia realizes that she’s pregnant, Dr. Barnett advises her to have an abortion, ultimately leading to Patricia’s attempting suicide.

However, Larry saves her and makes the destruction of Dr. Barnett from the crowd at one of his massive speeches. The cast incorporated a number of current musical acts, real-life news figure Joe Pyne, actors, as well as extras who were from the Haight-Ashbury district at the time. Actress Susan Oliver, who portrays the main character Patricia Cross, was disillusioned by the film due to its serious subject manner and the exploitation style in which it would be produced.

She said, « I’d turned it down flat at first, since the script was a trivialization of the whole Timothy Leary, flower-child, hippie scene then going on. However, producers and friends involved in the picture promised her that the topic would be done tastefully. Columbia Pictures released the film in 1967. According to Jeff Stafford, Katzman had made a name of making cheap exploitations films in either popular genres or in relation to popular fads of the time. Love-in » is a name given to a gathering in the promotion of love for the enjoyment of participants either personally or in relation to social activism. In the context of the title, it refers to the psychedelic and social activism conducted by Timothy Leary who in the film is represented by the character Dr.

Barnett whose philosophy is « Be more. The film featured a number of psychedelic rock bands at the time. The garage band The Chocolate Watch Band made an appearance in the film as well as contributing music. The film also featured 1960s bands, such as The UFO’s, Donnie Brooks and the New Age Group. Although not a musical, the film does feature a large musical sequence in which a main character, Patricia Cross, has a bad LSD trip and goes into an Alice in Wonderland-themed sequence. The film deals with many themes in tune with 1960s counterculture.

One theme throughout the film deals with the aspect of the Haight-Ashbury district and its drug counterculture, with Dr. Barnett as the film’s representation of Timothy Leary. Like Leary, Barnett endorses an LSD lifestyle. As Barnett says in the film, « LSD opens up new vistas and experiences to those that take it. I believe that every healthy person should try it.

This is a way of life: Be more. Other themes include the creation of martyrs, reflected through the final act, in which Larry thinks he has destroyed the head of this cult-like following only to find a ready replacement in another hippie from the organization. Many critics dismissed the film as « a typical exploitation film. However, a few notable exceptions exist. Katzman’s The Love-Ins’ Screens in Citywide Run Champlin, Charles. Turner Sports and Entertainment Digital Network. 10 KB y más de un capítulo.

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