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Growth Stocks Lead Hong Kong Higher, Over 400 Million Travel Domestically For Golden Week

Growth Stocks Lead Hong Kong Higher, Over 400 Million Travel Domestically For Golden Week

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Key News

Asian equities opened lower on failed US stimulus talks though rallied over the course of the day. Hong Kong had a strong day despite growing concerns surrounding increased social distancing measures as growth stocks led the market higher. Hong Kong volume leaders were Alibaba HK, which rose +2.93% after Goldman Sachs
raised their price target for the share class, Tencent, which rose +1.42%, Meituan Dianping, which gained +3.8%, biotech firm JHBP CY Holdings, which rose +16.46% after selling $371mm in shares in its IPO, Xiaomi, which rose +1.4%, and Ping An, which fell -0.25%. NetEase HK was off -0.22% on an analyst price target cut. Apple
suppliers AAC Technologies
gained +3.33% and Sunny Optical gained +5.1% on news of Apple’s product release. It was fairly quiet overnight as China is still on holiday and volumes have been off as a consequence.

It is being reported that over 400 million Chinese are vacationing domestically during the Golden Week holiday. Thus, it is no surprise that consumption plays are performing well this week. How do investors know what’s happening in China? Our mobile phones are a treasure chest of tasty data that is available for a price. Chinese credit/ATM payment processor UnionPay announced that transactions over their network actually increased 15% year over year. Hedge funds will pay to know which restaurants, hotels, airlines etc. those transactions are taking place in. However, we don’t need that depth of analysis to know that domestic consumption is alive and well in China. Overnight, an analyst downgraded a Chinese retailer as their app downloads were falling relative

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