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How to Be More Creative, According to Joseph Gordon-Levitt

How to Be More Creative, According to Joseph Gordon-Levitt

In these socially distant times, Joseph Gordon-Levitt has a message for entrepreneurs and artists alike: You can still come together to collaborate! He’s best known for collaborations on film and TV, where he’s starred in projects like Inception and (500) Days of Summer — but with production schedules halted, he’s been spending even more time with the company he founded in 2010, HitRecord, which has seen a surge of interest. HitRecord began as a production company, but it has evolved into a platform that enables people to launch and join artistic projects. (In August, it won an Emmy and launched a partnership with the ACLU.) “People don’t just post things they’ve made on their own and say, ‘Look what I made,’ ” he says. “People contribute to each other’s projects. It’s a beautiful thing.” Even from afar, he says, there are many ways we can all create together.

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I imagine you haven’t been on set for a while. What’s it been like?


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I’ve found that during this strange time of quarantine and isolation, it’s been really helpful for me to stay creative — to do something creative every day. But for me, it can be hard to do that alone. Just, you know, staring at a blank page and being like, Now I will write! Right now, I’m going to make a song! That can be tough. I grew up in more collaborative environments, on movie sets or doing shows, et cetera. I really feed off the creative energy of other people.

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A lot of people feel the same way, which I’m guessing is why your platform, HitRecord, has seen so much growth.

It’s been a bittersweet silver lining to see people rise

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