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China Box Office Poised to Surpass U.S. as World’s Largest Moviegoing Market Amid Pandemic

China Box Office Poised to Surpass U.S. as World’s Largest Moviegoing Market Amid Pandemic

China’s patriotic “My People, My Homeland” has grossed $325 million as of Monday evening local time, earning more money in less than two weeks than the $323 million that Christopher Nolan’s “Tenet” has grossed globally in over a month, according to data from Maoyan and Box Office Mojo.

This weekend, the total China box office hit $68 million, once again far surpassing sales in North America, where cinemas earned less than $9.5 million. To date, the Chinese box office has grossed $1.9 billion so far in 2020. The tally puts China now neck-and-neck with the North American market’s year-to-date earnings of $2.08 billion, according to Comscore. (Both markets are down 76% year-on-year.)

Cinema-going is on the rise in China as the pandemic remains under control, with strong local films set to release in the remainder of the year. Meanwhile, U.S. theaters are heading for trouble as Hollywood studio tentpoles drop off the calendar and the coronavirus continues to rage across the states. Given these factors, it now seems inevitable that the Middle Kingdom will soon surpass the U.S. as the world’s largest film market in 2020.

The performance of “My People, My Homeland” demonstrates the extent to which China’s market has recovered in the wake of COVID-19 and remains robust enough to send local tentpoles too jingoistic to entice audiences abroad nonetheless soaring to great heights.

Produced by “Wolf Warrior 2” and “The Wandering Earth” studio Beijing Culture, the film once again led the box office this weekend with sizable sales of $38.2 million, according to figures from consultancy Artisan Gateway. The omnibus title features five shorts from a who’s who of China’s most bankable directors: Ning Hao (“Crazy Alien”), Xu Zheng (“Lost in Russia”), Chen Sicheng (“Detective Chinatown 3”), Yan Fei and Peng Damo (“Hello Mr. Billionaire”), Deng Chao

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Google building San Jose office campus; renderings

Google building San Jose office campus; renderings

  • Google just released renderings of a proposed new campus it hopes to build in San Jose, called Downtown West.
  • Unlike other Google campuses, the San Jose location would be mixed-use and open to the public.
  • The 79-acre area plan includes housing, office space, and nature areas, and is a major move by Google at a time when companies are rethinking office space needs in light of the pandemic forcing the workforce to work remotely.
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Google released some new details about its planned San Jose campus on Thursday, with renderings and a 473 slide deck. 

The renderings give an idea of how Google envisions the new campus, with more detailed information in the slide deck produced for the city of San Jose. It will encompass far more than the quirky office style that Google is known for: there are plans for up to 5,900 residencies, retail spaces, pop-up events, and publicly accessible nature through trails and paths. 

The design seems to consciously base itself off of aspects of San Jose that already exist. The Los Gatos Creek is highlighted in a larger nature area, and Google details plans to follow San Jose’s climate change initiative by designing large open spaces to combat urban heat islands, accessible public transportation, and a possible onsite wastewater collection and recycling facility. Now, Google is asking for resident feedback before the plan is considered for approval by the San Jose city council in the spring.

Some big tech companies aren’t slowing down their real estate plans this year, despite the pandemic. Facebook paid $376.6 million for REI’s former unfinished Seattle-era headquarters, and Amazon just leased two million additional square feet of office space in Bellevue.

Meanwhile, as more work shifts remote Pinterest canceled a large San Francisco lease, and

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