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NJ physical education teachers get creative to tackle online gym class

NJ physical education teachers get creative to tackle online gym class


So far 180 public, private and parochial districts have gotten state permission to start with all-remote instruction, Gov. Murphy said.

Meghan Radimer had to get creative. Radimer teaches physical education, and the COVID pandemic has made that particularly challenging since her school’s classes are online.

So Radimer has asked her students in the Stillwater Township School District to use household items in their workouts. She had them play golf with a laundry basket and a pair of rolled up socks. There was also the day she orchestrated a rainbow scavenger hunt: depending on what color item her students found, they would do a different workout. Another fitness challenge asked students to build a shoe tower — if it stood, they did 25 jumping jacks. If it fell, they had to do 10 pushups.

“You’re like a first-year teacher again,” said Radimer, who works with pre-K through sixth graders. “I think back — I graduated in 2007 — and none of this stuff was ever something you would even think about having to plan. I never thought I would have to teach phys ed virtually. But I think everybody is doing their best to figure out how to make it work for the year and for the students, as well.”

Jennifer Olawski, a physical education teacher at the Paul Robeson Community School for the Arts in New Brunswick, created this virtual gym with her colleagues for her elementary and middle school students. Students can click different links in the classroom to access lessons or workouts they can do in their spare time. The classroom also features teachers Andrew Novod and Chelsea Buttacavoli. (Photo: Courtesy of Jennifer Olawski)

Teachers across the state have been forced to adjust to virtual learning because of the COVID-19 pandemic, which upended academia and all

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New Survey Finds Nearly Half of Small-Business Owners Don’t See a Need for Physical Stores (Infographic)

New Survey Finds Nearly Half of Small-Business Owners Don’t See a Need for Physical Stores (Infographic)

An August survey of 500 small-business owners found they’re instead focusing on digital sales.

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Despite the challenges of the past seven months, stories of resilience abound as business owners adapt to changing customer demands. Though surveys at the beginning of the pandemic indicated small-business owners thought things might be beyond hope, that’s slowly started to change. 

A survey by website and marketing solutions provider Bluehost released last week asked 500 business owners with fewer than 100 employees how they’ve transitioned online, adapted to ecommerce and adjusted their outlooks on future pain points, obstacles and potential opportunities. Not surprisingly, business owners cited their biggest concerns revolve around securing new customers, the continued economic impact of the pandemic and lower consumer demand. 

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Despite those concerns, 72 percent of small-business owners say they’re optimistic, and a similar percentage acknowledge how important a digital presence and ecommerce will be as they adjust to life post-pandemic. Perhaps most surprisingly, those business owners surveyed don’t see a return to brick-and-mortar in their futures: Nearly half (48 percent) say they see no need for a future store, and only 20 percent plan to reopen a physical location in the next year. 

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Read through the infographic below for more information from the survey. 

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