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Rutgers football roster analysis: Impact of Mike Lonsdorf’s opt-out, Peyton Powell plan emerges, more

Rutgers football roster analysis: Impact of Mike Lonsdorf’s opt-out, Peyton Powell plan emerges, more

The longer Rutgers went without a roster, the more speculation grew about what it would look like when it was revealed. Or more specifically, who would – and would not – be on it.

The hype and suspense ended Monday when the Scarlet Knights finally released the thing, 10 months after Greg Schiano returned to the program for his second stint as head coach. And, to the relief of Rutgers fans, it was largely anticlimactic.

There was a surprise addition with the unexpected return of Elorm Lumor, but Schiano did not sneak another star transfer or two onto the roster. There were names missing – offensive lineman Mike Lonsdorf the biggest one – but all indications are Schiano was able to sway most of the other players who may have initially opted out back into the fold.

The roster looked like about what we expected. It just took a very long time for confirmation.

Here is a closer look at what we learned after the Scarlet Curtain was lifted:

Lonsdorf is the most impactful opt-out. Rutgers was not hit hard by opt-outs due to the novel coronavirus on the whole, but the Scarlet Knights did not go unscathed. Lonsdorf is a smart, versatile player with 12 starts under his belt at guard and tackle over the last two seasons. He was slotted as the starting left guard on most projected depth charts this summer and would have been the first guy off the bench at worst.

Between Lonsdorf’s opt-out and the absence of backup center Owen Bowles – it is not clear if he is an opt-out or simply moved on – the Scarlet Knights are extremely thin at the interior line spots. They may have no choice but to play true freshmen Tunde Fatukasi and Bryan Felter this fall.

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Jerome Powell, Fed Chair, Says Economy Has ‘a Long Way to Go’ as Trump Calls Off Stimulus Talks

Jerome Powell, Fed Chair, Says Economy Has ‘a Long Way to Go’ as Trump Calls Off Stimulus Talks

In deciding to forgo any more immediate relief, the president could be setting the economy up for the type of painful outcome that Mr. Powell warned of on Tuesday. The Fed chair, who has increasingly called for more government help, said policymakers should err on the side of injecting too much money into the economy rather than too little given how much work remains.

“Too little support would lead to a weak recovery, creating unnecessary hardship for households and businesses,” Mr. Powell said in remarks before the National Association for Business Economics.

“Over time, household insolvencies and business bankruptcies would rise, harming the productive capacity of the economy and holding back wage growth,” he said. “By contrast, the risks of overdoing it seem, for now, to be smaller.”

In multiple tweets later Tuesday night, Mr. Trump appeared to backtrack his assertion that an agreement would wait until after Nov. 3, at one point urging both chambers to “IMMEDIATELY Approve” reviving a lapsed loan program for small businesses, funds to prevent airlines from furloughing or laying off workers and another round of stimulus checks. It remained unclear if his tweets, which came after stocks plummeted, reflected a willingness to restart negotiations with Ms. Pelosi. Both provisions have bipartisan support, but several lawmakers have pushed for them to be included in a broader package.

Nearly seven months into the pandemic, millions of Americans remain unemployed as the coronavirus keeps many service industries operating below capacity. The unemployment rate has fallen more rapidly than many economists expected, dropping to 7.9 percent in September, and consumer spending is holding up. But the economy’s resilience owes substantially to strong government assistance that has been provided to households and businesses.

That included direct payments to families, forgivable loans to small businesses and an extra $600 per

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