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A Pretty Creative Place: Local Designer Creates Space to Gather, Be Inspired | Business

A Pretty Creative Place: Local Designer Creates Space to Gather, Be Inspired | Business

A Pretty Place was a dream of Emy Dyer’s for many years before she started actually looking in December for a space to house her intimate gathering venue in downtown Chehalis.

But when a global pandemic put gatherings on hold, Dyer said it did not deter her. In fact, she said watching people have to isolate from one another strengthened her vision of the space she wanted to create in this community.

“I was definitely nervous but my gut said ‘just go do it’ because of how hard this year has been, I thought people need this,” Dyer said.

A Pretty Place

Emy Dyer owns A Pretty Place in Chehalis.

Dyer opened A Pretty Place on Chehalis Avenue in late August. Dyer calls herself a multi-passionate entrepreneur and the aesthetic fits A Pretty Place, which is meant to be a small events venue, design space and place for creativity and creation all within four pink-bedazzled walls.

A native of Onalaska, Dyer earned an associate’s degree from Centralia College, then moved to Arizona for three years where she earned her bachelor’s degree in graphic and web design. She moved back to Lewis County, settling in Chehalis, in order to be close to her large family. A Pretty Place is actually her third business venture. She creates branding for companies nationally as well as locally, including the striking Lewis County Coffee Company logo. She also owns an online upcycled clothing and accessory company 

“My passion is designing,” Dyer said. “I love to be designing every day in some way, whether it’s arranging flowers or upcycling or creating a logo. I can’t stop creating.”

Dyer said she is a huge Pinterest fan and she has a large family that likes to go all out when it comes to celebrations. She

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