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Insurance Industry Leaders Including AmWINS Group, CRC Group, Heffernan, and Patra form Solution Development Alliance

Insurance Industry Leaders Including AmWINS Group, CRC Group, Heffernan, and Patra form Solution Development Alliance

EL DORADO HILLS, Calif., Oct. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Patra, a leading provider of technology-enabled solutions for the insurance industry, along with AmWINS Group, CRC Group, Heffernan Insurance Brokers, are among the leading companies that have formed InsurConneXtions Alliance, a strategic alliance that will prioritize, develop, and integrate specific technology solutions into critical insurance processes – for the purposes of driving processing efficiencies and industry standards.

The Insurance industry will need to rapidly adopt technology to drive efficiencies and economic value for our customers

The formation of InsurConneXtions represents leaders across insurance technology, brokerage, wholesale, and specialty insurance, and represent over $50 Billion in Insurance premiums. 

With a multitude of decisions and rapid changes facing the insurance industry, collaboration and cooperation is required to accelerate the integration of technology into critical and high-volume processes. The charter members of the Alliance are well positioned to leverage their expertise, experience, and market position to accelerate the deployment of technology into a variety of insurance processes. 

The alliance has unanimously selected to begin its collaboration by focusing on technology and efficiency improvements to policy checking. Policy checking is a high volume and comprehensive process that performs a critical validation for accuracy and integrity of policy issuance across carriers, wholesalers, and brokers. Beginning this month, alliance members will work together to drive the evolution of Patra’s industry leading policy checking solution.

“The need for insurance leaders to collaborate on technology has never been more important and this InsurConneXtions will be an important and strategic contributor,” said John Simpson, CEO and Founder of Patra. “With industry leading firms along with Patra’s technology and full-service delivery capabilities, a collaborative approach will help ensure a more rapid delivery of tech-enabled solutions to help solve our common challenges.”

“Speaking on behalf of the membership, we are excited

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Lessons in creative in-housing: ‘it’s a solution, not an objective’

Lessons in creative in-housing: ‘it’s a solution, not an objective’

​As in-house creative agencies become increasingly common at large multinationals, The Observatory International‘s Rob Foster identifies five lessons for brands wanting to make it work.

In-housing is a hot topic. It used to be media-driven but increasingly brands are also exploring the opportunities for bringing creative in-house.

Our recent report with the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) found that 57% of major multinationals already had an in-house agency of some description, with a further 17% considering one. Furthermore, 82% of those that had in-house resource reported an increase in workload over the last 12 months, and the Covid-19 lockdown has contributed to that in many cases.

Of course, creative in-housing isn’t suitable for every business. However, there are some common elements that successful in-house agency launches share, and brands would do well to keep these tips in mind.

  • In-housing is a (possible) solution, not an objective: A business’s operating structure should be designed to achieve clearly identified business objectives. Whether or not certain roles are suitable to in-house is only one consideration within an overall resource model that looks to achieve the optimal balance between internal capabilities and external partner agencies. If you start with in-housing as the goal, you will likely encounter numerous challenges and complications that hinder potential success.

  • Rome wasn’t built in a day: Don’t try to in-house every single element of creative need at once. Mass changes may be unsustainable. Make a business case for a model that meets a small number of key objectives, and over time, once the model is delivering against those initial objectives, you can look to widen the scope further and introduce additional goals. Building by iteration means that you can review performance regularly, building upon successes and spotting any issues early.

  • You aren’t just in-housing creative people and

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