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Creative theft attempt fails at Portage store, lands shopper behind bars, police say | Crime and Courts

Creative theft attempt fails at Portage store, lands shopper behind bars, police say | Crime and Courts

Alexandria Rodriguez

Alexandria Rodriguez

PORTAGE — A 32-year-old woman faces a felony count of theft after allegedly grabbing a child’s car seat and toy organizer from the shelf at the local Walmart store, returning the two items as though she had purchased them and then using an in-store credit to obtain three other items, police said.

Alexandria Rodriguez, who is listed as being both from Gary and Jackson Township in Porter County, denied the accusations and said there was confusion over an older car seat she was attempting to return, according to Portage police.

Police said they were called to the store shortly after 5 p.m. Monday and found Rodriguez excited and difficult to understand.

A man with Rodriguez said they were not at the store to return a car seat and he had no idea what she had been up to, police said.

Rodriquez was reportedly uncooperative during her arrest, collapsed to her knees and began yelling that officers threw her to the ground while she was pregnant, according to police. A pregnancy test at the jail returned negative, police said.

She faces a charge of theft with a prior conviction, according to the police report.

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Apple’s App Store Isn’t Evil

Apple’s App Store Isn’t Evil

(Bloomberg Opinion) — Apple’s App Store is a boon to users, a marvel of software innovation and an exemplar of cutthroat competitiveness. Is it also a standing violation of antitrust law?

That’s a contention that Epic Games, the maker of “Fortnite,” will test in court next week. Epic doesn’t like that Apple takes a 30% cut of its in-app sales on its devices. To avoid the fee, and in violation of the store’s rules, Epic introduced a payment system that would allow users to purchase items from it directly. Apple and Google (which has a similar arrangement) both yanked “Fortnite” from their mobile stores in response. A lawsuit followed.

This whole chain of events was something of a stunt. Epic immediately unveiled a prepackaged PR crusade, including a video parody and hashtag campaign. An ongoing advertising push paints the dispute as a David-and-Goliath battle on behalf of lowly appmakers, who, in this telling, are being coerced into paying Apple’s punitive fees. On Thursday, a group of likeminded companies announced they had formed an alliance to protest the rules.

This framing has things backward. The App Store has in fact been hugely useful for consumers, stimulated competition and — not least — offered immense benefits to smaller companies. The challenge for Apple is to ensure that it stays that way.

The consumer benefits are plain. Thanks to the standards that Apple imposes, iPhone users know that whatever apps they select won’t come loaded with spyware, viruses or battery-draining excesses. Buyers have a safe and seamless way to pay, and need no technical aptitude to install their purchases. By several metrics, it all works pretty well: The store now offers some 1.8 million apps, facilitates about half a trillion dollars in sales a year and is a big reason why about a 

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