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How a Veteran of Silicon Valley Pivoted to Head Up Clemson’s Business School

How a Veteran of Silicon Valley Pivoted to Head Up Clemson’s Business School

For two decades, Wendy York helped internet and tech startups find their footing and grow. She founded a database marketing company and sold it to a national advertising agency. Eventually, she moved into venture capital, managing a private portfolio valued at $100 million.

She says that across her many jobs she has had “six distinct careers” but her skill set remains consistent. “What I usually bring to the situation is the ability to see a way to get to where they want to go, or to create a new process and to build the teams around it,” Ms. York says. “I’m very much a general manager.”

In 2008, she found herself without a job after the tech company where she was working downsized. Exit package in hand and in her early 50s, Ms. York paused to take stock. She had always balanced work and parenthood: While pregnant with triplets and on bed rest, she managed the sale of a company over the phone. But now her older daughter was in high school and her triplets were in third grade. “I realized that time was going to fly by,” she says.

She volunteered at her younger daughters’ school, treating the responsibility like a part-time job, until they were in fifth grade. The experience transformed her professional outlook.

“It was the first time in my adult life I had seen how much of an impact I could make that was measured in non-monetary means,” Ms. York says.

She began exploring a shift to nonprofit management, but earning money was still essential. As her savings dwindled and she interviewed for jobs, she repeatedly heard that she was overqualified. She applied for unemployment benefits for the first time.

In 2012, she spotted an opening for a managing director to oversee executive education at Stanford

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Indoor Valley music venues struggle during pandemic, but event organizers get creative | Coronavirus in Arizona

Indoor Valley music venues struggle during pandemic, but event organizers get creative | Coronavirus in Arizona

PHOENIX, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) — October was supposed to be one of the busiest months for local music venues, but the music has stopped for most venues here in the Valley. Some are struggling to keep their doors open as others are getting creative with bringing concerts to the Phoenix area. 

Like most music venues, The Rebel Lounge is quiet and closed. There’s been no live music since March. “In the light of COVID, I don’t know how to do a concert safely, you know. Until there’s a vaccine, I don’t know how you can do the concert,” said Rebel Lounge owner and vice president of National Independent Venue Association, Stephen Chilton. Chilton said last year, he had 600 concerts. This year, he had only 75. “I don’t think there’s an industry harder hit, we are at zero percent revenue for six months,” said Chilton. 

Meanwhile, some event planners are getting into the music scene. “We are a reaction to COVID,” said Bob Bentley with Thompson Event Center and Digital Drive-In. They turned their drive-in movie lot into a drive-in concert.

Beach Boys among 'car concert' series offered by Arizona State Fair

Think of it as a live concert meets a drive-in movie.

Bentley hopes to do a concert on Halloween after their summertime shows were marred by the heat. “I think for us, we want to stay CDC-compliant. We want everyone to be healthy, so lets social distance, lets bring your cars and lets go old school,” said Bentley. 

Meanwhile, indoor venues like The Rebel Lounge don’t have the capabilities for drive-in concerts. “We produce mass gatherings and that’s the least safe thing right now,” said Chilton. Now, NIVA has a Save Our Stages campaign, urging lawmakers to give financial assistance to venues in the next coronavirus relief package. “There’s no way all of these venues are going

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