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Jump to navigation Jump to search Whistle! He transfers from Musashinomori School to Sakura Jōsui Junior High School for better hopes to make the soccer team, since he never got a game at his old school due to ura Peach Girl Vol.2 PDF small stature.

Nouveau rendez-vous avec Miwa Ueda. Entre Sae et Takuma, rien ne va plus. Mais même si elle ne tient pas tant que ça au jeune homme, Sae est bien trop peste pour laisser gagner sa rivale Aï… Pourtant, elle a changé et est décidée à trouver le grand amour. La terreur aurait-elle un cœur d’artichaut ?

Yūko Katori, his teacher, introduces him as a former star of the famed Musashinomori team, causing his classmates to be wrongly ecstatic. Shueisha between July 3, 1998 and March 4, 2003. Due to the success of Whistle! A stage play adaptation was announced in February 2016 for a late August to early September release. Scott Campbell and Holly Ellingwood of Active Anime have remarked that the art is clear since all the « line and detail has obvious care and attention given to it, resulting in well-managed visuals for a well-flowing read.

Sho’s character development as the readers « see him strive against so much to obtain what he worked for is uplifting. Soccer Manga Launches on September 26″. Anime’s ‘Voice Remake’ Reveals New Cast Members, December 17 Streaming Debut ». Soccer Manga Gets Stage Play Adaptation ». Archived from the original on February 7, 2008. Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!