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Jump to navigation Waldo’s Bar PDF to search David Bar Katz is an American screenwriter, playwright, author, and director. Katz was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. David’s interest in theater was sparked by stories of his great-grandfather who was a Yiddish theater producer on the Lower East Side of New York City. Katz wrote the movie The Pest which has gathered a cult following due to its unusual premise.

Waldos bar conte les aventures de Johnny Staccato, détective de charme partageant sa vie entre les beautés somptueuses du Waldo’s, la boîte de nuit de Greenwich Village où il est pianiste de jazz et ses enquêtes. Blutch y développe un univers noir polar, rythmé jazzy, à l humour totalement absurde mêlant références aux standards américains des années 60, hommage à John Cassavetes et tributs aux contes et cartoons populaires (les Trois petits cochons, Donald, le petit pois dans un ascenseur…).

Découpage très cinématographique, humour hors normes, originalité des scénarios et graphisme incomparable : tout, dans ce premier album de Blutch, laisse deviner ce talent qui depuis a fait de lui un des grands de la BD.

The Houston Chronicle called the film « Endearing ». Katz received an Emmy nomination for the HBO version of « Freak » directed by Spike Lee. Katz co-created, wrote and was a supervising producer for the Emmy-nominated FOX television show House of Buggin’, the first all-Latino comedy show in network history. House of Buggin’ starred John Leguizamo and Luis Guzman. Katz and Leguizamo started and ran the production company « Lower East Side Films ».

This project originated when Katz received an Alfred P. At Fox Searchlight Bar Katz is penning a script based on the true story of Clark Rockefeller, a man who took on false identifies for decades, one of which was a Rockefeller. This project is reportedly far into development. At Universal Pictures Bar Katz is penning a script based on the true story of two FBI agents who throw a fake wedding to arrest world class criminals. Katz is a 14 Street Y LABA Fellow. Katz is a company member of New York City’s LAByrinth Theater Company.

He has had six plays selected for their annual Barn Series Festival between 2006-2011. The History of Invulnerability, featuring David Deblinger and Chris Messina, directed by John Gould Rubin at The Public Theater. Philip Roth in Khartoum, featuring David Zayas and David Deblinger, directed by John Gould Rubin at The Public Theater. Burning Burning Burning Burning, featuring Eric Bogosian, Sam Rockwell and Michael Stuhlbarg, directed by John Gould Rubin at The Public Theater.

The Atmosphere of Memory, featuring Ellen Burstyn and Sam Rockwell, directed by Peter Dubois at The Public Theater. Oh, the Power, featuring Ed Vassalo and Yul Vazquez, directed by Philip Seymour Hoffman at The Cherry Pit theater. Tell », featuring Victor Williams and David Zayas, directed by Philip Seymour Hoffman at The Bank Street Theater. Katz has directed two LAByrinth Theatre Company plays at the Barn Series and one at Live Nude Plays.

At Live Nude Plays Katz directed Guaranteed Second Base by Michael Puzzo. At Vineyard Theatre, Katz directed a reading of Kristina Poe’s Love Sick. In an article by Jewish Weekly Katz was compared to David Mamet, « Another Jewish playwright with an equally dark and comic wit. J, Ari Roth comments  » He struck me as someonecut from the same cloth as David Mamet. Katz directed the play The Wood written by Dan Klores at the Obie award-winning Rattlestick Playwrights Theatre.

Daily News and the New York Post and his missionary zeal to ferret out the truth. David Bar Katz is an important, incisive, scary, funny playwright. Chanting Hymns to Fruitless Moons, Katz’s one-act re-telling of Strindberg’s Miss Julie in which the heroine survives, commissioned by The Scandinavian American Theater Company, featuring Tina Benko. Katz was the guest of honor at « New York Madness », May 12, 2014, at the Peter Jay Sharp Theatre. The History of Invulnerability was presented at Washington DC’s Theater J in Spring 2012. The History of Invulnerability won the Acclaim Award for Outstanding Play of the Year and the Cincinnati Entertainment Award for Outstanding Premiere.

American Theatre Critics Association New Play Citation recognizing The History of Invulnerability as one of the top three American plays of 2010. In a 2011 article Backstage mentions « The History of Invulnerability », saying the play has « Deservedly won several awards » . Katz wrote a one-act play « Mothra Vs. It was first produced at The New Ohio Theatre as part of « Plays that Go Bump in the Night » a series of Halloween-themed one-acts in October 2013. It then was produced at City Theatre in Miami as part of its short play festival.

It went on to win « The National Award for Short Playwriting ». David Bar Katz has been married to author and children’s book publisher Julie Merberg since 1999, they live in Manhattan with their four sons, the eldest of whom is a young writer by the name of Morris Akiba Katz. He was a long time friend of Philip Seymour Hoffman, and was the one who found him dead on February 2, 2014. Williams College Department of Philosophy : Alumni List 1986 – 2003″. Rowing pictures and photos by Sportgraphics ». Theatre World 1991-1992 – Google Books. Showtime Buys ‘Sober Coach’ Script from David Bar Katz ».