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RE:One Last Thing…

Thanks Algernon, I often enjoy many of your posts but definitely your tone has been extremely negative. I am not opposed to negative comments as there could be valuable information. For the record I hold a substantial position in AGN.

I quickly checked the insider tab here and I do not see Kal Malhi listed. I am assuming he does have 11% position with 15 million shares. I would like your opinion why you feel he controls the movement of the stock in either direction. If he is truly an insider he is subject to blackout periods and all insider trades are monitored and recorded yet I do not see any listed here under insiders tab.

You also indicate some for of relationship with AGN Ceo and Mr Malhi being his boss and some form of control. Can you please explain in detail what you are suggesting.

Can you also connect the dots with other companies you mention with regards to AGN or any of its management and the relevance to such?

My last comment has to do with patent protection. Are you suggesting they do not have legal rights to repurpose the drugs they are working? Why do you feel that? Do all pharmaceutical companies list their patents? Could the patent be held under a numbered company controlled by AGN. 

Your recent posts which are rather negative and warning shareholders and creating a lot of doubt do not provide back up to support your comments.

You are suggesting that readers contact the CEO and your email does not provide accurate email for Mr. Moreau. Have you contacted him and received a reply to your comments, if so please share with us.

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