Apple iPhone iOS 14 home screen ideas: Use Widgetsmith to edit widgets

  • With iOS 14, you can finally customize your iPhone’s home screen with widgets.
  • Widgets are essentially larger app icons that display information and photos that update throughout the day.
  • Although Apple offers a selection of customization options, the app Widgetsmith lets you get even more creative by changing the color and font of your widgets. 
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Apple’s iOS 14 update brought a feature iPhone fans have long wanted — the ability to customize and personalize the home screen.

The new update, which launched on September 16, finally made it possible to add widgets to the main iPhone home screen, turning your iPhone’s default landing page into much more than just a hub for your apps.

Apple also gave widgets a fresh new look in iOS 14 with different size options and an improved design that shows more information at a glance.

Widgets are essentially large app icons that can show data in real time and refresh automatically. The iPhone already offers a slew of widget options for displaying the current weather, your upcoming calendar events, photos from your gallery, and much more.

Even so, Apple’s widget customization options are somewhat limited. But third-party app makers have already released tools to give you more personalization options, enabling you to adjust the color and design of your widgets so that they match the overall aesthetic of your iPhone’s home screen.

Here’s a look at how to customize your iPhone’s widgets using the app Widgetsmith in iOS 14.  

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