Artist leaves mark on North Texas with murals across DFW

If you’ve admired a mural or painting in the area, there’s a decent chance you were enjoying the work of Dallas-Fort Worth artist Kyle Wadsworth.

Wadsworth, 49, who was born in Dallas and grew up in Midlothian, has painted all over the Metroplex, from Granbury to Grand Prairie, Fort Worth to Dallas and all points in between. He’s painted the stars of the classic film “Apocalypse Now,” including screen greats Marlon Brando and Robert Duvall, along with NBA star Dwyane Wade, even Spider-Man and musical legend Isaac Hayes.

In Fort Worth, his work can be seen at places such as Wild Acre Brewing Company and Martin House Brewing Company.

“My mother and grandmother were very creative in both painting and theater,” said Wadsworth, who has created murals for 17 years. “When I was trying to solve the riddle of making a living through my art, a Bambi mural in my room, painted by my mother, inspired me to start this career path.”

That path has taken him all over Texas and bordering states. He’s even done some creations in Colorado. Along the way he’s met and honored many famous people with his work.

“I painted several of my favorite murals for Aqib Talib’s (former NFL player) family, a “Scarface” mural in the media room and a War video game mural for their son’s room, as well as several others,” he said.

“The mural for Dr. Delphinium flower shop in Dallas off I-35 is one of my favorites. I also created murals for a pediatric hospital, and the theme for each room was a different board game, Monopoly, Battleship, Hungry Hippo, etc.”

Now he can add to his favorites a gift to Midlothian. His family moved onto 4 acres there in the 1970s and that’s where he attended elementary school.

His latest creation is a 16-by-35-foot mural in downtown Midlothian depicting the history of the town, which he painted by hand over a three-and-a-half-week period.

“I always enjoy visiting Midlothian and it was great to spend several weeks there and see the growth and progress,” Wadsworth said. “I was very proud to see a Black Lives Matter march while I was working one day. It’s nice to see a place where I grew up keeping pace with important issues of our time.”

He said the mural in Midlothian is one of a couple of his most challenging, along with the Dr. Delphinium art.

“Recreating the look of an old sepia tone photograph was tough. It has soft edges and the details only make sense when you back away from the wall. I was constantly backing away to see what I was painting,” he said.

“I am very excited about the new mural in downtown (Midlothian). Kyle did a fantastic job,” said Stephen Hidlebaugh of Leasing Impressions, the company that commissioned the project. “Not only is it a great art piece, it also evokes the history of Midlothian from the early 20th century. It’s a real compliment to the city and I hope it will be a catalyst for more works of art in town.”

Wadsworth said he’s inspired by the enjoyment of painting and by the challenge of the large scale of murals.

What’s ahead?

“Recently I was commissioned to paint 15 large water storage tanks for several large cities, including one for Lancaster with their Tiger mascot,” he said.

“I enjoy working for myself, painting and perusing creative projects full time. I would encourage others to find a career that they are excited about and enjoy. I often think of this quote from Robert Frost, ‘My goal in life is to unite my avocation with my vocation, As my two eyes make one in sight.’”

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