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A Redditor got Stadia to run on an iPhone

A Redditor got Stadia to run on an iPhone

Although Apple cracked open the door for game streaming services to run on iPhone and iPad earlier this month, you can’t use Stadia, xCloud or GeForce Now on those devices yet. Well, at least not officially.

Members of the Stadia subreddit have been testing workarounds for Google’s game streaming service on iPhone for quite some time. Many of those have required people to install IPA files, but Zachary Knox (aka u/zmknox) has created what’s probably the easiest-to-use method yet.

They released a free browser app called Stadium, which you can download directly from the App Store. Once you enter a few settings and authenticate the browser with your Google account, the app brings up the Stadia landing page whenever you open it. Knox wrote that the app doesn’t have ads or tracking code.

Another user named /u/GrayBayPlay laid the groundwork to use an external controller in a full-screen iOS browser app. As such, you can play Stadia games on your iPhone with an Xbox One controller or Sony’s DualShock 4.

Based on some limited testing, Stadium works well enough. I played a multiplayer mission in Marvel’s Avengers and it ran smoothly with no noticeable controller lag. Downloading the app from the App Store means you sidestep some of the fiddlier aspects of other Stadia workarounds.

There’s a chance that Apple could pull Stadium from the App Store. However, the app isn’t explicitly designed to use Stadia — the App Store listing doesn’t mention the service at all.

It’s not clear if or when Stadia and xCloud will arrive on iOS devices in any official capacity. Microsoft said that Apple’s unwieldy game streaming rules would give xCloud players a “bad experience” on iPhone. However, the company recently started beta testing its remote play function on iOS. That feature allows people to

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TRX Residences Tower B launched, priced from RM970,000

TRX Residences Tower B launched, priced from RM970,000

a view of a stone building: TRX Residences, a residential development within Malaysia’s upcoming international financial district - the Exchange TRX - has officially launched Tower B for sale after all available units in Tower A were sold during its pre-sales period.

© Provided by New Straits Times
TRX Residences, a residential development within Malaysia’s upcoming international financial district – the Exchange TRX – has officially launched Tower B for sale after all available units in Tower A were sold during its pre-sales period.

KUALA LUMPUR: TRX Residences, a residential development within Malaysia’s upcoming international financial district – the Exchange TRX – has officially launched Tower B for sale after all available units in Tower A were sold during its pre-sales period.

With a built-up size from 474 sq ft and priced from RM970,000, the freehold TRX Residences offers one to three bedroom unit that cater to varied lifestyle needs.

TRX Residences is jointly developed by international property and infrastructure group, Lendlease with TRX City Sdn Bhd, the master developer of the Tun Razak Exchange (TRX).

The construction has progressed with piling and foundation works completed and the development was slated for completion by the end of 2023.

TRX will also poise to strengthen Kuala Lumpur’s position as a leading centre for international finance and business.

The financial district’s masterplan combines sustainability, an attractive public realm, and connectivity to create a world-class international urban ecosystem in the city.

When completed, TRX is expected to have 45,000 workforce on site which offers investors and buyers an attractive prospect of strong rental yield and long-term potential asset appreciation.  

TRX Residences is under a minute walk to Kuala Lumpur’s largest and only MRT interchange station providing access to 68 stations across Klang Valley, including KL Sentral, Putrajaya, and Cyberjaya.

It is also the only residence that enjoys direct connectivity from the SMART Tunnel and the upcoming SPE Highway, as well as easy access to the MEX Highway.

Residents at TRX Residences will enjoy exclusive living spaces within the development and have direct access to a

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Hajj savings mobile app expected to entice Indonesian millennials

Hajj savings mobile app expected to entice Indonesian millennials

Mr. Budiono said Des Moines, Iowa-based Principal Global Investors LLC is the first money manager to sign on with BPKH to make the investment needed to reach out to that retail customer base across the sprawling Indonesian archipelago.

Working as the engine provider for BPKH on the strength of the digital initiative Principal designed for the project “is a great opportunity,” capable of positioning the money manager longer term to help retail customers meet a growing range of needs, Mr. Budiono said.

It fits with Principal’s goal of achieving a greater balance between the institutional segment of the firm’s Indonesian business — currently 70% of its 8.5 trillion rupiah ($573 million) in assets under management — and the remaining 30% it has raised through bank and insurance company retail platforms.

“Young Hajj will be our first direct-to-customer retail product,” Mr. Tan said.

While the challenges — and expenses — of building a retail business in a country like Indonesia are daunting, its large population, much of which is “underbanked,” and vast territory offer a backdrop where digital solutions can “leapfrog” those obstacles, said Thomas Cheong, Hong Kong-based president of Principal Financial Group’s business in Asia.

The success of local companies such as ride-hailing business Gojek — as Jakarta-based PT Aplikasi Karya Anak Bangsa is known — has effectively catalyzed the local market, paving the way for digital distribution to serve as the cornerstone of Principal Global Investors’ Indonesian retail business, Mr. Cheong said.

PGI is tailoring its Young Hajj savings program to extend for “five to 10 years, depending on the customer’s savings appetite,” Mr. Tan said.

The mobile app allows users to set their desired time period, between five and 10 years, for achieving the 25 million rupiah target, with an investment calculator setting the monthly contribution required to

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Apple’s App Store Isn’t Evil

Apple’s App Store Isn’t Evil

(Bloomberg Opinion) — Apple’s App Store is a boon to users, a marvel of software innovation and an exemplar of cutthroat competitiveness. Is it also a standing violation of antitrust law?

That’s a contention that Epic Games, the maker of “Fortnite,” will test in court next week. Epic doesn’t like that Apple takes a 30% cut of its in-app sales on its devices. To avoid the fee, and in violation of the store’s rules, Epic introduced a payment system that would allow users to purchase items from it directly. Apple and Google (which has a similar arrangement) both yanked “Fortnite” from their mobile stores in response. A lawsuit followed.

This whole chain of events was something of a stunt. Epic immediately unveiled a prepackaged PR crusade, including a video parody and hashtag campaign. An ongoing advertising push paints the dispute as a David-and-Goliath battle on behalf of lowly appmakers, who, in this telling, are being coerced into paying Apple’s punitive fees. On Thursday, a group of likeminded companies announced they had formed an alliance to protest the rules.

This framing has things backward. The App Store has in fact been hugely useful for consumers, stimulated competition and — not least — offered immense benefits to smaller companies. The challenge for Apple is to ensure that it stays that way.

The consumer benefits are plain. Thanks to the standards that Apple imposes, iPhone users know that whatever apps they select won’t come loaded with spyware, viruses or battery-draining excesses. Buyers have a safe and seamless way to pay, and need no technical aptitude to install their purchases. By several metrics, it all works pretty well: The store now offers some 1.8 million apps, facilitates about half a trillion dollars in sales a year and is a big reason why about a 

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Microsoft report shows increasing sophistication of cyber threats

Microsoft report shows increasing sophistication of cyber threats

Microsoft released a new annual report called the Digital Defense Report, covering cybersecurity trends from the past year. This report makes it clear that threat actors have rapidly increased in sophistication over the past year, using techniques that make them harder to spot and that threaten even the savviest targets. For example, nation-state actors are engaging in new reconnaissance techniques that increase their chances of compromising high-value targets, criminal groups targeting businesses have moved their infrastructure to the cloud to hide among legitimate services, and attackers have developed new ways to scour the internet for systems vulnerable to ransomware.

In addition to attacks becoming more sophisticated, threat actors are showing clear preferences for certain techniques, with notable shifts towards credential harvesting and ransomware, as well as an increasing focus on Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Among the most significant statistics on these trends:

  • In 2019, Microsoft blocked over 13 billion malicious and suspicious mails, out of which more than 1 billion were URLs set up for the explicit purpose of launching a phishing credential attack.
  • Ransomware is the most common reason behind Microsoft’s incident response engagements from October 2019 through July 2020.
  • The most common attack techniques used by nation-state actors in the past year are reconnaissance, credential harvesting, malware and virtual private network (VPN) exploits.
  • IoT threats are constantly expanding and evolving. The first half of 2020 saw an approximate 35% increase in total attack volume compared to the second half of 2019.

“Given the leap in attack sophistication in the past year, it is more important than ever that companies take steps to establish new rules of the road for cyberspace: that all organizations, whether government agencies or businesses, invest in people and technology to help stop attacks; and that people focus on the basics, including regular application

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