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Which costs may have an online store?

Which costs may have an online store?

Have you ever wondered how much it costs to set up an online store? Many aspects go into starting an e-commerce site. Keep reading this post to get an idea of ​​how much you need to invest. The article is based on the experiences of entrepreneurs on luminablog.

Investing in e-commerce How much does it cost to set up an online store?

E-commerce has become a cheap alternative for many entrepreneurs. The unemployed, the self-employed, or people who want to generate extra income have resorted to this form of business. And is that selling products and services on a virtual platform requires lower costs than a physical store. You can also analyze a list of finance services that will help you with your business budget.

But it is not just about developing the platform where e-commerce will work. Several factors influence the creation of an online store and affect its cost. Before you are surprised, you need to know the basics you will face along the way.

Launching the online business site is just one step, would you be surprised to know that it is not the first? You need to have a domain, choose the hosting service, select the platform where you will create it, and work on an attractive design.

Domain and hosting

The domain is the name that will identify your e-commerce website, and hosting is the service where all the files and information about it are stored. No website – store or not – would work without them. So, once you have a reliable internet connection, this is the second step you should take.

There are companies, such as Axarnet, that offer this type of service to contract both web hosting and domain registration. The price varies from one to another and, in addition, there … Read the rest

Things to Know Before Venturing into Cryptocurrency

Things to Know Before Venturing into Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is not new to many, and it has grown in popularity over the years, and many have made money investing in this online currency. People are still not aware of what crypto is all about and how to make money from this currency. The word is more common, but they lack understanding of the process and how it operates.

There are many online trading platforms on Norskeanmeldelser, where you can find reviews on the best cryptocurrency platforms. You can learn more about cryptocurrency on the platforms and make investments to take advantage of the rising currency.  On the review platform, you will find Crypto Engine as one of the best platforms to buy a cryptocurrency and make money from the investment.

However, before you decide to venture into cryptocurrency, you should know the following about this digital currency:

1.  They are not regulated.

Cryptocurrency is not regulated by any government, although the United State Government had sought to intervene and regulate the digital currency. There is no physical address or headquarter of the platform, and there is no board of directors or any real face attached to the digital currency. Although this may seem scary, the money has proven to be a safe form of investment.

2.  Transactions are secrets

The transactions on this platform are untraceable, and no way can monitor your transaction history. You can confidently use the currency to buy anything online, and it will not be traced to you, nor your transaction history made available to anyone. All accounts are in numbers, and you do not need to drop any document to register on the platform.  The anonymity of using the currency had made it accessible over the years.

3.  Cryptocurrency can fall

You have to be wise and know about currency trading to … Read the rest

Will a 5G ‘supercycle’ happen?

Will a 5G ‘supercycle’ happen?

The Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max is unveiled during a virtual product launch.

Daniel Acker | Bloomberg | Getty Images

The iPhone hit its peak three years ago.

That’s when Apple reported its last blowout holiday quarter for the iPhone, selling more than 77 million devices that generated $61.1 billion in revenue. It’s been downhill for Apple’s iPhone sales ever since.

But the most bullish Apple analysts were nonetheless predicting a new “super cycle” for the iPhone ahead of the iPhone 12 announcement on Tuesday.

Apple’s last super cycle was in the fourth quarter of 2014, when it reinvigorated the iPhone lineup by introducing larger screens that matched rival devices from companies like Samsung. That quarter, Apple sold 74.47 million iPhones (up 46% from the previous year), generating $51.18 billion in revenue (up 57% from the year before).

Apple’s iPhone business has never seen that kind of growth again.

Revenue peaked in the fourth quarter of 2017, but even then it was only up 13% from the previous year, and unit sales dropped 1% — the increase in revenue was thanks to a higher average selling price, as Apple released its first $1,000 iPhone.

The bull case

So what’s with all the bullish calls for another super cycle given the iPhone’s lackluster (or negative) growth over the last three years? A few factors are working in Apple’s favor this time around.

Time for an upgrade: Analysts estimate that 30% or more of current iPhone owners are using a device that’s at least 3 years old. That’s a lot more people than are normally feeling the itch to upgrade in a given year.

Speed: The iPhone 12 series will be the first from Apple to connect to new 5G wireless networks that promise faster speeds for downloading and streaming, along

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How his presidency would affect your small business

How his presidency would affect your small business

Rhonda Abrams, Special to USA TODAY
Published 10:00 a.m. ET Oct. 14, 2020


Learning to be flexible and to pivot quickly has helped O’Brien achieve great success as a reporter and entrepreneur.


In the three decades I’ve been advocating for small businesses, there’s never been a more challenging time for them and for the self-employed. And we’re far from out of the woods as this pandemic is not yet under control, and the economy is likely to take a long time to recover.

We’ve seen how President Donald Trump and his administration have responded to this crisis, but what would an administration headed by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris look like for small business and the self-employed?

“Day one, the focus is getting the coronavirus under control,” said Rhett Buttle, Biden for President National Business Advisor. “One in six small businesses are probably not coming back, and COVID is top of mind for most small businesses. The effort to contain the virus and ensure recovery is part of Biden’s small business plan, and small business stakeholders and the focus on small business will be a critical part of that.”

Looking at Biden’s top 6 proposals:

► Grants, not loans, for true small businesses that have lost substantial revenue. “We’ve been doing small business roundtables around the country,” said Buttle, “and we’ve heard directly from small business owners that not only was PPP (the Paycheck Protection Program) mismanaged but they weren’t sure how forgiveness worked.”

My take: Biden has this right. Grants, instead of loans, were the better choice originally for small businesses who were being told they’d need to take on debt when they had no idea when they’d even be able to open – and low confidence in a program with a bungled rollout. Grants

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South Carolina announces new relief for nonprofits, small businesses

South Carolina announces new relief for nonprofits, small businesses

Small and minority-owned businesses and nonprofits in South Carolina may apply for grant awards to be reimbursed for qualifying expenditures for providing services or revenue loss because of the response to COVID-19.

a group of people walking on a sidewalk

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Announced by the Department of Administration on Monday, grants in the amount of $2,500 up to $50,000 will be funded with federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act money.


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Businesses and nonprofits can apply for relief grants beginning Oct. 19, and applications must be received no later than Nov. 1.

To qualify for a grant, small and minority-owned businesses must employ 25 or fewer employees, be located in South Carolina, have been operational from Oct. 13, 2019, to present and must have experienced economic effects because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Nonprofits must be a registered 501(c)(3) organization, registered as a public charity in South Carolina, physically located within the state and have been operational from Oct. 13, 2019, to present.

Grants will be administered by the Department of Administration in cooperation with Guidehouse Inc., a professional grant management services provider.

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