Data analysis certification: Become a better data analyst with this $40 deep learning bundle

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Big data means big opportunities. Take a list at the fastest-growing jobs all over the world and you’ll find something in common: most of them have to do with handling data. Whether it’s developing artificial intelligence, engineering the systems that capture and process data, or providing business-focused analysis of that information, the careers that are hiring all expect you to know how to work with big data.

Lucky for you, the Deep Learning and Data Analysis Certification Bundle is here. This collection of courses has been curated to pick the best, most relevant lessons that will help you build up your credibility and find work within these rapidly expanding fields. A career change might be just around the corner for you. It all starts with this $39.99 bundle.

Leverage data in your business

There isn’t a sector out there that couldn’t benefit from understanding how to work with big data. To get your start in mastering the fundamentals of the field, start with courses like Business Data Visualization, Analytics, and Reporting with Google Data Studio. This course provides you a practical way to put big data to use, showing you just how valuable all the information you collect can be and how it can best be used. Other courses, like Harness the Power of the H2O Framework For Machine Learning in R, allow you to get familiar with popular machine learning tools and help you set up the groundwork for future projects and analysis.

Build out your AI presence

One of the most impressive things about data is all of the things that you can do with it. There is perhaps no better way to show off just what big data is capable of than AI. Learn how to model the brain and teach machines to make complex decisions with the courses Master PyTorch For Artificial Neural Networks, Deep Learning, and Keras Bootcamp For Deep Learning and AI in Python, and Complete Artificial Neural Networks & Deep Learning In R. You can also see how neural networks and other AI tools can be used to optimize your business.

Big data isn’t going anywhere, and if you want to succeed in the IT field, you’re going to have to learn how to make the most of the seemingly endless supply of data collected every day. The Deep Learning and Data Analysis Certification Bundle is the perfect starting point for anyone just having their interest piqued by data careers, or by IT professionals who want to improve their job prospects by expanding their skill set.

The eight courses of the Deep Learning and Data Analysis Certification Bundle has everything you need to push yourself toward the goal of a job in big data. This course collection is valued at $1,600, but you can save a whopping 97 percent off the retail price. That means you pay just $39.99.

Improve your prospects to find your dream job. Grab this deal while you can!

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