Dotmatics Introduces Blueprint to Provide Self-service Data Analysis for Medicinal and Synthetic Chemists

  • Self-service scientific data visualization and analytics application designed to empower chemists working on small molecule discovery projects

  • Blueprint provides guided wizard-driven analytics for bench scientists to analyze project data, design compounds and make informed decisions, faster

  • Web-based solution fully integrated into existing Dotmatics applications to provide a seamless end-to-end chemistry design workflow

Dotmatics Ltd, a scientific informatics software and services company that is driving the automation of laboratory data workflows for scientific discovery and innovation research, today announced it has expanded its product portfolio to include Blueprint, a self-service, scientific visualization and analytics application for small molecule discovery. The introduction of Blueprint broadens the existing Dotmatics suite for chemistry design workflows, adding to the Company’s comprehensive selection of web-based solutions.

As drug discovery research continues to become increasingly data-driven, the limited availability of specialist data scientists and computational chemists, in addition to the complexity and restrictions of legacy cheminformatics tools, have become a bottleneck for research organizations. There is now a high demand for self-servicing tools, specifically aimed at non-data-specialists, to increase workflow efficiency and staff productivity. Designed to support project scientists with minimal training, Blueprint employs guided wizard-driven analytics to enable users to analyze structure-activity data, design compounds and rapidly make the best-informed decisions with real-time data. The application also facilitates collaboration in-house or with external partners. Blueprint seamlessly integrates into the existing Dotmatics suite of search and experiment capture capabilities which support the full drug discovery cycle, from compound design to analysis. Within a single workflow, scientists can assemble project data across multiple third-party systems; explore molecular data sets; design new molecular series or libraries; and automatically generate experiments in their electronic lab notebook.

Dr Stephen Gallagher, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Dotmatics, commented:Blueprint is a key new component of the Dotmatics solution for enabling chemists to do their own data analysis and design. Customers increasingly demand self-service analytics for their bench scientists, and we look forward to working with them to optimize their chemistry design workflows.”

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About Dotmatics Ltd.

Dotmatics is a scientific informatics software and services company that is driving the automation of laboratory workflows for discovery and innovation research – accelerating the journey towards full digitalization and the Lab of the Future.

With a mission to give scientists access to all of their data, all of the time, Dotmatics provides a unique portfolio of tools for fully automated, end-to-end workflows including data acquisition, knowledge management, data storage, enterprise querying and reporting, and data analytics and visualization. Through these comprehensive solutions, the Company is helping its customers to increase lab efficiency and make better informed decisions driven by all data.

Dotmatics’ customers include many of the world’s leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology, contract research, chemicals and materials companies. Insight into the challenges faced by these organizations enables Dotmatics to focus on delivering versatile and intuitive products and services that have potential to turn around the productivity deficit in research and accelerate development of novel drug candidates or products.

Dotmatics was founded in 2005 by two scientists from Merck Pharmaceuticals (MSD). Since then it has built a strong and profitable business with an expert team of over 200 scientists, software developers and engineers, and project managers. The Company is headquartered in the UK with offices in USA, Korea and Japan and is backed by growth equity firm Scottish Equity Partners, SEP (

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