Google building San Jose office campus; renderings

  • Google just released renderings of a proposed new campus it hopes to build in San Jose, called Downtown West.
  • Unlike other Google campuses, the San Jose location would be mixed-use and open to the public.
  • The 79-acre area plan includes housing, office space, and nature areas, and is a major move by Google at a time when companies are rethinking office space needs in light of the pandemic forcing the workforce to work remotely.
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Google released some new details about its planned San Jose campus on Thursday, with renderings and a 473 slide deck. 

The renderings give an idea of how Google envisions the new campus, with more detailed information in the slide deck produced for the city of San Jose. It will encompass far more than the quirky office style that Google is known for: there are plans for up to 5,900 residencies, retail spaces, pop-up events, and publicly accessible nature through trails and paths. 

The design seems to consciously base itself off of aspects of San Jose that already exist. The Los Gatos Creek is highlighted in a larger nature area, and Google details plans to follow San Jose’s climate change initiative by designing large open spaces to combat urban heat islands, accessible public transportation, and a possible onsite wastewater collection and recycling facility. Now, Google is asking for resident feedback before the plan is considered for approval by the San Jose city council in the spring.

Some big tech companies aren’t slowing down their real estate plans this year, despite the pandemic. Facebook paid $376.6 million for REI’s former unfinished Seattle-era headquarters, and Amazon just leased two million additional square feet of office space in Bellevue.

Meanwhile, as more work shifts remote Pinterest canceled a large San Francisco lease, and Twitter is trying to sublet parts of its San Francisco headquarters after telling workers they can work from home indefinitely.

Take a look inside Google’s plans here. 

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