How to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month in East Tennessee

Virtual guests speakers are able to share their stories, dances and recipes during Hispanic Heritage Month celebrations.

TENNESSEE, USA — Local non-profits are working to make sure students are learning about Hispanic culture and traditions for Hispanic Heritage Month. 

Thrive Lonsdale works with the youth in the Lonsdale community to do just this. 

Communications Director of Thrive Lonsdale Jalynn Baker said the students they serve are very diverse from many backgrounds, including several Latin American countries. 

Normally, the non-profit partners with Lonsdale Elementary School to host a large Hispanic Heritage Month celebration. 

However, due to the pandemic, they were not able to do that this year. 

Instead, Thrive Lonsdale included more learning materials and resources for students to read. 

“We spent some extra time building a little curriculum that really celebrates their cultures and makes space for them to feel proud of where they come from,” Baker said. 

Additionally, Hola Lakeway serves Hamblen, Jefferson and Grainger Counties. 

For Hispanic Heritage Month, Hola Lakeway is using social media to connect with students in East Tennessee. 

The non-profit used Facebook Live to highlight Hispanic and Latino cultures around the globe. 

Virtual guest speakers are able to share their stories, dances and recipes from their culture.

“It’s good for the younger generations because they did not grow up this way,” said Executive Director Betsy Hurst of Hola Lakeway. “This way they can hear our stories… our traditions.” 

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