invaders planned to distribute Soviet Union passports to residents of Kyiv region


In the event of the capture of the Kyiv Oblast, the Russians planned to create an occupation administration and organise a pseudo-referendum to proclaim the local republic. Residents were planned to be certified with documents of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic.

Source: Security Service of Ukraine

Details: The invaders wanted to register all residents of the Kyiv region and forcibly distribute Soviet Union passports in exchange for Ukrainian documents – at least initially before issuing Russian Federation documents.

This is evidenced by the data that the Security Service of Ukraine military counterintelligence service received on the positions of the invaders, and is also confirmed by the behaviour of Russians in those parts of Ukraine that are now temporarily under their occupation, the Special Service says.

In particular, the security forces found an enemy cache with passport forms of the former Soviet Union – in an abandoned house near the town of Makariv, Bucha district. During its inspection, law enforcement officers seized hundreds of blank Soviet passports.

It is noteworthy that these forms were of the Ukrainian model – on behalf of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic. That is, all the inscriptions on them are made not only in Russian, but also in Ukrainian.

Moreover, such a series has not been produced in Ukraine since 1990. Thus, all the identified forms were imported from the Russian Federation at the beginning of the full-scale aggression against our state.

Quote: “Urgent investigative and operational actions are currently underway to establish all the circumstances of the crime and bring the perpetrators to justice.”