Kwumsy’s K2 Is the World’s First Mechanical Keyboard With a Touchscreen

Kwumsy has now introduced the world’s first mechanical keyboard with a built-in touchscreen display. Dubbed the “K2,” the new keyboard is constructed around a 12.6-inch touchscreen display capable of supporting up to 10 touchpoints. The entire device connects to your laptop or desktop via an HDMI or USB-C cable which conveniently gives you a multi-display setup, with the built-in screen supporting a 1920 x 515P resolution at 60Hz. When you’re on the go, you’ll even be able to connect the K2 to your smartphone or tablet, effectively turning it into a mini-computer.

As for the keyboard portion itself, the 71-key setup gives you plenty of customization options through its easily removable keycaps and fully hot-swappable switches. You’ll also have 15 different RGB backlight settings to choose from, and a bracket or external keyboard stand to give you a more aggressive typing angle. With full plug and play, you won’t need separate software for the K2 either.

For those interested, Kwumsy’s K2 mechanical keyboard is now available over on the company’s website for $400 USD.

In other tech-related news, NVIDIA’s long-rumored RTX 4090 graphics card can be arriving as early as July.