occupying troops are “rebelling” near Kharkiv because they do not want to fight


The Security Service of Ukraine has intercepted telephone conversations between Russian commanders in which they complain about their subordinates refusing to go on the offensive.

Source: SSU press service

Quote: “The Russian invaders on the Kharkiv front have begun to rebel en masse.

Entire units are refusing to go on the offensive. This is evidenced by a new telephone conversation between the occupiers, which was intercepted by the Security Service of Ukraine.

“Again a rebel, f**k it! As I understand it, the military personnel… everyone. Almost everyone!’the invader who is at war in the east of Ukraine tells the commanders. “

Details: It can be concluded from the conversation that this is not the first time that Russian commanders have dealt with subordinates rebelling during the war against Ukraine.

One of the commanders decided to punish the previous platoon of “rebels”, and therefore “put them in the basement.”

The SSU reminds the Russian military that in case of forced involvement in the offensive, it is possible to call the emergency line 2402, to save lives and surrender. The emergency line works both for Russian and Ukrainian numbers.


  • A spokesman for Ukraine’s Defence Ministry, Oleksandr Motuzianyk, said on 27 May that Russian forces were trying to hold their positions in northern Kharkiv Oblast and were preventing Ukrainian drones from conducting air reconnaissance using Borisoglebsk electronic warfare weapon systems.

  • On 21 May, the Security Service of Ukraine intercepted a telephone conversation between a resident of the so-called DPR [self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic], who had been forcibly mobilised into the Russian army. He describes his wife’s stay in the Russian army as slavery.

  • On 18 May, the SSU published an intercepted call from a Russian aggressor involved in the occupation of the Zaporizhzhia region. He complains that Ukrainian partisans are chasing them everywhere, and that is why the Russian military is imitating the Ukrainian language [they are trying to speak Ukrainian].

  • The Russian occupiers expressed the same sentiments in intercepted conversations, published by the SSU in April.