Pixar’s creative team on the studio’s magic

Pete Docter is a guy who wears many hats. He’s Pixar’s chief creative officer, an animator, a voice actor, a screenwriter, and a producer. He co-wrote (with Mike Jones and

Kemp Powers) and co-directed (also with Powers) Soul, and he has some ideas on what it is that people love about Pixar flicks — even if it’s hard, when asked, to put it into words.

“That’s an impossible question to answer,” Docter said with a laugh, “but I will say, I think that we bet on people. There are a lot of ideas that you can love, but chances are, an idea might crumble away and need to be replaced. So, if you get the right people, who can come up with new stuff and constantly reinvent, then you’re in a much better, stronger position.”

He also noted that Pixar’s distinctive visuals are yet another strong suit: “I think, personally, that our medium, the way we use computer graphics, allows us to present things that look like candy.” Docter continued that thought, sharing how Pixar movies’ “interesting, intriguing, funny, and fun” looks help deliver their messages. 

“[The way they look], we can bring in a little bit more depth. There’s stuff there for kids, on the surface, but when you think more about what we’re saying, there are deeper concepts and themes that are resonant for us as filmmakers and adults,” he said. “So, that’s why I love working on the films, because I feel like they always speak to something that’s eating away at me that I’m trying to figure out. And I hope that’s then what makes them intriguing for other people.”

Much like previous Pixar releases Inside Out and Up, Soul encourages introspection and philosophical thought via an entertaining audiovisual extravaganza. Catch Soul in all its glory when it debuts on Disney+ this Christmas — December 25, 2020.

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