Russians take out the corpses of their soldiers at night in small batches to mask the losses


The Security Service of Ukraine reports that the Russian occupiers are taking out the corpses of their dead soldiers in small batches and only at night to mask their heavy losses in the war in Ukraine.

Source: Security Service of Ukraine

Quote: “This significantly increases the delivery time, so sometimes the relatives of the occupiers get “half-decomposed cargo 200”, that must be further identified.

This is evidenced in the latest interceptions of the Security Service of Ukraine, which were caught in the Zaporizhzhia region. Here is an excerpt from a telephone conversation between two invaders:

– Did you send Makeevich? [the body of the dead soldier]

– They’re bringing him today, according to the preliminary data. I have to identify him today.

– The wife is worried. He [his body] was sent out 6 days ago.

– They [dead bodies] are being delivered in small batches so that people don’t get f*cking shocked. And at night…

Details: According to the invader on the record, only 20-22 people survived of the entire company (about 100 people). Nine more refused to continue the war and wrote a statement of refusal.

Background: According to official data of the Ukrainian General Staff, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have already killed almost 24 thousand occupiers.